If there’s one topic that’s often whispered about but deserves to be shouted from the rooftops is menstrual health. And even among them, menopause barely comes up in any discussions. It’s an inevitable journey that many of us will have to take at some point in our lives, so it becomes really important to bring it to the forefront of the discussion. So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let’s chat about the stages of menopause for a better understanding of the process. We will also introduce you to an Indian brand for menopause health that will help you manage your menopausal troubles.

The Journey 

First off, what exactly is menopause? Well, it’s like nature’s way of saying, “Hey, remember that whole reproductive thing? Yeah, unfortunately this but we are gonna hit pause with that.” It is a natural biological procedure that marks the finish of the woman’s menstrual period. But it’s not only one event, that’s the factor. It is a whole rollercoaster ride of hormonal changes and signs and symptoms that may last for years. It can be broadly categorised into stages, though not with a clear distinction, with specific changes happening in your body.


Menopause does not just happen overnight. It is a gradual procedure that typically begins within the late 30s or early 40s. This preliminary stage is known as perimenopause, and consider it as being the sneak preview prior to the primary event. During perimenopause, the ovaries begin to produce less oestrogen, the hormone accountable for controlling the menstrual period. This could bring irregular periods, moodiness, and also the periodic menopausal flashes. Think of this stage as the warm-up act before the main event. 


When the ovaries have a bow and oestrogen production declines considerably, a lady formally enters menopause. This often occurs around age 51, however the timing varies for everybody. Menopause is formally declared whenever a lady hasn’t were built with a period for 12 consecutive several weeks. While the lack of monthly cycles can be a relief for many, it may also usher inside a new group of challenges, both emotional and physical.

Menopausal flashes end up being the unrequested visitors crashing the party, departing women feeling like they are waiting in the Sahara throughout a heatwave. Sleep disturbances can become so common that it is a part of your routine, and moodiness rival the turbulence of the tropical storm. But thankfully, nowadays you’ve some Indian brands that are taking proper care of this which will make things a little better.


Postmenopause may be the stage which comes after menopause, also it lasts throughout your existence. During this period, your hormonal levels stabilise in their new, lower baseline, and most of the more annoying signs and symptoms of menopause begin to fade. However, will still be vital that you keep close track of your wellbeing, as menopause can improve your chance of certain conditions like brittle bones and cardiovascular disease. So, stay active, eat correctly, and do not skip on individuals regular check-ups. Postmenopausal women frequently end up liberated in the constraints of menstrual cycles, contraception, and also the unpredictability of perimenopause. So things get better?

The Support

So, what else could you do to help make the get a hearty menopause just a little smoother? Probably the most important steps you can take would be to initiate more conversations onto it. Menopause continues to be considered taboo in certain circles and also the factor is, the greater we open and share our encounters, the minus the stigma around it will likely be. And who knows who may be studying the same factor, and getting an amiable ear or perhaps a shoulder to rely on can change lives. Make certain to consume well, get some exercise regularly, get lots of sleep, and discover healthy methods to manage stress. And when seem like you can’t handle the signs and symptoms alone, please achieve to your doctor too.

Everybody has their menopause differently, so do remember to listen to your body, take care of yourself, and remember that you’re not alone. With all the changes, taking menopause supplements can ease your issues and Menoveda is an Indian brand for menopause health that has it all. Menoveda has specially formulated supplements and menopause care items that are made with your best interest in mind and that too with the goodness of Ayurveda. Don’t be afraid to face the transition and see it as a new beginning that makes you wiser and stronger. Cheers to the journey ahead!