Yukon Coolers Reviews

Yukon coolers have a reputation for being heavy-duty. They’re lightweight and easy to transport. They’re also made from durable polyethylene, and they come with metal hardware to make sure they last. The outer-shell is made of a tough polyethylene material that keeps out moisture and prevents leaking. The reversible feet make it easy to slide the cooler into your vehicle, while the metal hinges and handle keep it firmly in place.

The interiors of Yukon coolers are made from three-inch-thick polyurethane, and they have molded-in fish rulers on the lid. The ice retention in Yukon coolers is impressive, with some even boasting seven-day ice retention. They also have dual lid locks that lock tightly with a snap. The bottom feet can be easily switched from rubbery to smooth to prevent tipping, and they have a removable, adjustable, non-skid base.

A unique feature of Yukon coolers is the Cool Riser Technology. This allows the cooler to be cooled without allowing it to overheat. Other features include a fish measuring tool integrated into the lid, an oversized drain and a tethered plug. These are a few of the features that have helped Yukon coolers earn their high ratings, but their cost is comparable to other high-end brands.

Yukon coolers are designed to hold ice for seven to 10 days. The insulated compartments are large enough to keep liquids cold, and some are even bear-resistant. In addition to the reversible lid, the Yukon is built with an anti-skid rubber base. It has a standard-size latch, and the double lid locks are sturdy. It has a self-stopping integrated hinge and a molded rubber handle.

Another major concern that Yukon coolers face is the bulkiness of their 70-quart model. Many people have trouble lifting the 70-quart model, and it’s not easy to carry it alone. As a result, a Yukon cooler is much heavier than most other brands, but its weight is still a significant factor in the decision-making process. It also has a large capacity and is easy to maneuver.

The Yukon is bear-resistant, and can hold ice for seven to ten days. These coolers also have a variety of other features. Most of them come with a handle, making it easy to carry them. They are easy to clean, and most of the Yukon coolers have textured lids to make it easy to see inside. It’s also important to consider the quality of the product.

Despite the high cost of a Yukon 70-quart cooler, it is well-built and will keep your food cold for up to five days. Its molded fish rulers on the lid are very useful when you’re traveling. It’s also great to have a Yukon cooler that has a handle. The handles are durable and rigid, and the bottom feet are smooth. The latter is ideal for hiking.

The Yukon 70-quart cooler is bulky and heavy. It can be too heavy to carry with one person, and you’ll need two people to carry it. It’s also difficult to drain. Fortunately, the Yukon 70-quart cooler is a great choice for the outdoorsman. However, it’s important to remember that this model has a limited capacity. There are coolers with larger capacities that have more capacity, but the ones with small capacity aren’t recommended for use in outdoor activities.

A Yukon 70-quart cooler is one of the toughest coolers you can buy. This model can hold up to seven days of ice. The Yukon 70-quart cooler is also durable, but it can be difficult to carry. The rotomolded material used in this model will help prevent it from cracking. In addition, the stainless steel handles can withstand a heavy load. If you’re going to hike for the weekend, a large-sized Yukon can be a great choice.

YUKON COLD-LOCKER YUCONDO YUKON is an excellent cooler for outdoor enthusiasts. It has high insulation capacity and is perfect for road trips and camping. YUKON COLD-LOCKERS can hold up to four days of ice, which is great for weekend outings. If you’re looking for a more durable cooler, you should consider the Yeti Tundra 45.