Your quick guide to the Dust Extraction ducting supplies

Productivity at the workplace depends on various factors, and one of the ways to ensure this is by ensuring cleanliness and hygiene at the workplace. Adding a dust extractor system will be helpful in this. There are numerous benefits of using dust extraction systems in industries. In some of the more hazardous industries such as asbestos manufacturing industries, cement manufacturing industries, chemical industries, wood chipping industries, and many more, they need dust extraction supplies and fit them to have an efficient and working system to extract all the dust, and smaller harmful particles out of the air. 

Which industries use dust extraction systems?

Many industries use the dust extraction system as dust in the working atmosphere can cause many problems such as degrading the environment for work, reducing operational efficiency, and hampering the quality standards of finished products. 

Here are some of the industries in which you may see this:

  • Agriculture and allied industries
  • Welding industries
  • Metal fabrication areas alongside assembly lines
  • Automobile industries
  • Paints industries
  • Mineral mining industries
  • Wood processing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cement manufacturing industries
  • Asbestos industries
  • Glasswork industries

How can an experienced agency in this department help you out?

There are numerous benefits if you hire a well-known contractor having the desired knowledge and experience in dealing with dust extraction ducting supplies and designing the entire system for dust collection. 

Here are a few small examples of how they can help you:

  • They can help you build an entire flow diagram on how and where the dust extraction ducting supplies will be in place. 
  • Identify the zones where the collected dust can be safely evacuated out and ensure a proper evacuation system.
  • Planning for special requirements such as working in all types of environments, whether in extreme heat or extreme cold.
  • Giving you an idea of the cost of layout and installation.

Knowing some of the parts of the Dust Collection system

Many internal parts and components of the dust extraction dusting supplies form together and work in tandem to efficiently evacuate dust from the factory surroundings. 

One of the most important components in the system is the filters. The filters are the component of a dust extraction system that cleans the air and traps out the dust particles for a safe evacuation process.

When it comes to knowing about the various dust extraction ducting supplies, loads of filters can be fitted in the systems. 

  • Synthetic cellulose filters: These are the most common types of dust filters commonly used to collect dry dust.
  • Polyester silicon blend filters: They have a synthetic surface which is better for dust releasing and cleaning.
  • Spun bound filters: They are good for hot and humid weather conditions, although their filter cartridges need to be cleaned daily. 
  • HEPA filters: These are one of the most advanced filters for collecting the most finer dust particles out of the polluted air. 

Some other parts within the system, such as exhaust hoods that catch and transfer the dust items into the ducts. 

Of course, there is the entire ducting system that transfers polluted air. There are generally two dust extraction ducting supplies and lines. One of them is collecting and evacuating polluted air while the other is for circulating fresh air after the dust has been evacuated. 

The filters that do the more important work of capturing all the dust particles. The evacuation exhausts and chimneys safely evacuate the dust outside of the industry premises. 

And of course, there are fans and motors all within the ducting system and vents to continuously keep the air flowing within the system. 


Choose your dust extraction ducting supplies wisely.  While looking for the dust extraction system, you must assess your requirement, and based on it, you must choose the one that best matches your requirement, and works effectively.