Your Guide to Diamond Cuts

Do you know the different diamond cuts?

When most people think about diamonds, they assume that every cut is identical and standardized. The truth, as usual, is much different.

Each diamond cut brings with it benefits and drawbacks. There’s no universal best or worst standard of cuts.

However, you do need to know exactly what you’re getting before you buy. Read on to discover the different cuts of diamonds and how they differ.

Round Cut

There are many types of diamonds. Round-cut diamonds are the most popular diamond cut among consumers.

They are the most common and versatile shapes available. They are characterized by their 58 facets and symmetrical features.

A round-cut diamond is also ideal for any occasion.

When buying a round-cut diamond, be sure to examine the clarity, shape, color, and carat size of the diamond. This will determine overall brilliance, clarity, and price.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a square or rectangular shape that was first introduced in the 14th century.

The square shape maximizes the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. However, the long lines down the side add a unique and modern look.

The princess cut is suitable for almost any setting. This makes it a standout center stone for engagements or special life occasion rings.

Make sure to look at the quality of the cut when selecting a princess-cut diamond. A good cut will maximize the brilliance and fire of the diamond.

Emerald Cut

The emerald-cut diamond is cut into a stepped rectangular shape, with truncated corners and rectangular facets. These facets can create the illusion of greater size than its actual carat weight.

The emerald cut’s greatest attribute is its ability to emit extraordinary brilliance. Its long, open pavilion leaves more of the gemstone uncovered.

This allows more light to enter and exit through the crown, resulting in a more vivid sparkle. This distinct diamond shape has a beautiful, supportive setting, creating an enviable look.

Diamond buyers usually check for the clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond. It is also important that they understand the diamond grading system. If you are considering selling your diamond for a new one, search for diamond buyers here.

Oval Cut

The Oval Cut diamond’s classic shape gives it an elegant and clean look that is considered timeless. When looking for the oval cut, buyers should look for symmetry, fire, and life.

Symmetry is important when choosing an oval-cut diamond since small imperfections can be seen more easily than with other cuts. Fire and life should also be taken into consideration. These aspects of the diamond contribute to the brilliance and sparkle of the stone.

Additionally, pay attention to the depth and length of the cut, and the clarity of the stone.

Different Diamond Cuts

The vast array of diamond cuts presents endless opportunities to express your style and taste in a meaningful piece of jewelry. With our guide in hand, you can now confidently find the diamond cut of your dreams.

With a little bit of research and a bit of inspiration, you’ll be sure to find the perfect diamond cut. Start your search today!

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