Since the COVID-19 outbreak, most businesses have shifted to e-commerce businesses. The lockdowns might have stopped people from shopping at malls but they definitely did not stop shopping; instead, they went online. This proved to be a major win for e-commerce businesses that had maintained their websites and marketing. To this day, e-commerce businesses have had a much better shot at succeeding than other businesses.

The major reason why e-commerce business is leading in the market is due to its ease of access. All the products you want are available online and just one click away. Business owners have also found convenient methods of storing data which makes this type of business desirable for both the buyers and the sellers.

However, this use of the internet for the benefit of businesses has its threats. With the evolution of technology, there has been a major increase in cybercrime as well. In 2020, a record of 5.6 Billion cyber attacks was recorded.

In other words, your business is just days away from malicious threats from cybercriminals. The only solution to these threats is getting a confident cyber security protection strategy. If you want to protect your system, servers, computers, office data, and personal data from external threats, you need to have a wall of a strong cyber security strategy. If you are looking to find responsible, reliable and trustworthy cyber security companies in Sydney, CyberUnlocked is your holy grail. Check them out to know more!

What Type Of Risk Is My Company Threatened By?

As a business owner, you will probably underestimate the threat your company is under. This might be due to unawareness of cyber attacks. There are several types of cyber attacks your system is vulnerable to but the main types are:

DOS Attack.

A Denial of Server attack is when a cybercriminal disrupts regular traffic and takes a site offline by overwhelming it with an unusual amount of web traffic. This type of attack is the most common in businesses and companies and the main motive is to either distract the users so cyber criminals can break into systems or organizations sneakily or it is an act of revenge.


The second most common type of cyber attack is phishing. The users are tricked into clicking links and when the link opens on the browser, the hacker gains access to all the data of the user.

Malware and ransom ware.

The most common and most harmful type of cyber attack is malware. There are further subtypes of malware that attack differently such as worms, spyware, trojan horses, adware and ransomware. This malware breaches into your system and your data are then held by the hacker for either a ransom or to sell it off to interested parties on the dark web. 

Man In The Middle Attack.

This type of attack is common in businesses as a hacker will alter the communication between two parties and gain access to data. Usually, a MITM attack occurs during online payments.