Your Body Shape and Which Bikini Style is For You

A bikini is a woman’s two-piece swimsuit. It is commonly worn in beaches when you want to enjoy a sunny day out. Throughout the years, bikinis have evolved into different styles and elegance. People have also become more confident in flaunting bikini bodies.

And why not?

Bikinis are definitely for everyone. No matter the shape, no matter the size, there’s a bikini that is right for you.

Checking on bikinis online can make you feel dizzy but in a good way! With plenty of designs made available for you, how can you know which one best fits you? 

Choosing the right bikini can be tricky. Sometimes you may feel down when seeing a pretty pair look good on someone else but not on you. Not to worry. All body types are beautiful, and there are bikinis that are tailored just for you.

In order to have your hands on the bikini of your dreams, you must first understand your body type. Take a look at this list below, and let’s see which body type you have and which bikini style is best for you.

  1. Body Type: Rectangle or Banana. This body type means your waist, hip and bust have almost the same measurement. Your shoulders and hips can also have the same width.

Bikini Type: To show more volume, you can wear bikinis that have off-shoulder tops. For more curvy illusions, you can also choose patterned bikinis with frills or ruffles.

  1. Body Type: Triangle or Pear. This body type means your hips are narrower than your shoulders and bust. Just like a pear, your waist is defined, sloping out to your hips.

Bikini Type: If you have a pear body type, you might want to show off your waist. Since this body type has a heavier bottom, you can wear one-shoulder bikini tops. This will draw more attention to your upper body. You can also wear ruffles as a dramatic touch.

  1. Body Type: Spoon. This body type is somehow similar to a pear shape. You also have a defined waist, and your hips are larger than the rest of your body.

Bikini Type: To balance out, you can choose a bikini type that can carry volume on your upper arms and upper thighs. Sample styles include embellished, patterned or ruffled tops. 

  1. Body Type: Hourglass. This body type means having hips and busts that are nearly equal in size with a defined waist. Most of the time, this is also called the proportionate body type.

Bikini Type: Retro-style bikinis often look good on people with hourglass body types. You can choose to wear a plunging neckline with a high-cut hip. 

  1. Body Type: Round or Oval. This body type means your bust is larger than the rest of your body, with narrow hips and fuller midsection. 

Bikini Type: Bikini tops that flare at the top look good on people with round or oval body types.

  1. Body Type: Athletic. Muscular body types that are not curvy mean you have an athletic body type. 

Bikini Type: You can choose to have halter, racerback or strapless bikini styles.

Buying bikinis online should now become a lot easier! Take time to evaluate your body type and choose the best bikini that gives you the confidence to enjoy your day at the beach.