In a home, bath towels are basic needs. Whether you use it for drying yourself after a cool swim in the swimming pool or right after taking a bath, a bath towel is basically your trustworthy companion. 

Since a towel is something which you use every day, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive care regimen for your bath towels. Visit US Imprints to buy custom towels with logo and make them personalized and branded. However, do not worry because this article will explain all the steps of the care routine below. It is very easy as long as you are aware of the fundamentals. 

Below are some tips to guide you through this process. Your bath towels will look new and feel fresh even after many washes. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

The Care Routine Initiates with Choosing the Suitable Towel

The higher the quality of a bath towel, the more likely it will stay plush and fresh after various washes. Therefore, only invest in and buy a high-quality bath towel made of the purest cotton. Since this item is available in different colors and patterns, you can choose the one displaying your favorite aesthetics. 

This way, you can get one which reflects your personality and nature. There are many high-end brands that offer the highest quality of cotton towels boasting unrivaled reliability and superior colors. Therefore, always make the right choice in this investment. 

The First Wash is the Most Important One

After you finally buy a bath towel for yourself, resist the temptation to use it instantly. This is because it is crucial to wash the towel right after buying it. Throw the newly purchased bath towel in the washing machine or bucket. The washing method is totally your choice. 

Moreover, do use a softener while washing the bath towel because this product will erase all irritants from the towel so that you can enjoy a clean touch. 

Take Care of Your Towel Every Day

A bath towel is your partner after every shower. After you dry yourself with the towel, do not throw it out in the room. This is because a wet towel will develop many germs and bacteria. Moreover, the dampness can harm the surface of whatever it is placed on. 

Therefore, take the towel out of the room and evenly spread it on the clothesline for it to dry. If you do not want the color of the towel to fade away, avoid putting it in direct sunlight. 

Frequently Wash Your Bath Towels

Similar to how we shower frequently to make ourselves clean, our bath towels require the same hygiene and maintenance. Make a productive habit of washing your towel on a weekly basis. 

This will get rid of bad smell, germs and other dirty particles. As a result, you will have a fresh towel after every wash. However, it is advised to check the wash care instructions for the bath towel before washing it. 

Wash the White and Colored Bath Towels Separately

If you have chosen to wash the bath towel in the washing machine, it is better to wash the towel separately, in their own turn. This is because the towel needs more time to wash and dry. This elongated time period might harm the clothes, linen or other apparel you have. 

Moreover, many fabric softeners contain silicone which adds the water repellent factor to the bath towel. Therefore, it is advised to not use fabric softener. See the following guidelines for washing colored and white bath towels respectively:

Colored Towel:

The best method to wash the colored towel is by a mild detergent and lukewarm water. 

White Towel:

The white bath towels should be washed in their own load, separately, in order to not allow subtle discoloration with the passing of time. White towel should be washed in warm water and a mild detergent, just like the colored towel. In order to regulate the glowy whiteness of the bath towel, you can utilize non-chlorine bleach. 

Complete Drying is as Important as Washing

Allowing damp bath towels to stay in the dryer for a long time can induce a bad mildew smell in them. Offer enough time to your bath towels so that they can completely dry in the dryer. Another instruction is to hang out the towel away from the direct sunlight. This is because sunlight deteriorates the colors of the bath towel. 

Although tumble drying adds fluffiness to the bath towel, the warmth coming from the dryer might harm the cotton material. It is advised to utilize a lower heat setting and to switch from heat to air drying. 

If you obey these washing and drying methods, you will avoid faded colors and bad smells of your bath towel. You will enjoy the fluffy and plush texture of the bath towels for a longer period of time. Therefore, choose your favorite bath towels from any brand and give them a long lifetime! 

Common Fabrics for Bath Towels

With so many materials found in bath towels, it can be difficult to choose which one to choose. So, read the famous materials below. 

  1. Egyptian Cotton

The towels made of this material are one of the most famous categories of bath towels. As opposed to the standard cotton towel, the long fibers of this material offer higher reliability and plushness. This makes them feel very luxurious. Egyptian cotton is preferred and liked because it boasts a long lifetime. Even placing them in your bathroom will refine the appearance of the bathroom. 

  1. Pure Cotton

Pure cotton towels are affordable and widely available. This is why they are a popular option among people and are usually seen in most bathrooms. 

  1. Turkish Cotton

Similar to Egyptian cotton, the threads of Turkish cotton are very long. This makes the material resilient and plush. It’s long threads also mean that the fabric can be tightly woven. The tighter it is woven, the more water it will be able to absorb. Turkish cotton also boasts a bit of sheen which boosts its beauty. 

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is a very famous renewable resource which is why the bath towels made by this material pose no threat to the mother Earth. If you care about the world we live in, you have to purchase environmentally friendly bamboo bath towels. Moreover, bamboo is naturally resistant to mildew and it repels bacteria.