Xbox Games

For quite some time now, Microsoft Inc. has been a close competitor for the lead in the world of video gaming. They have managed to do this through their private brand, Xbox. In November of 2001, the company officially announced the release of their first ever gaming console, the Xbox, which immediately caught the attention of gamers worldwide with its relatively impressive graphics and powerful processor. That said, they took it a step further and dove past console gaming by introducing their range of PC games, readily available for download on all Windows Computers. This review takes a look at some of the most played Xbox games, comparing them with similarly famed industries such as online casino gambling, blockchain development and code sourcing. 

Top Xbox Games 

The following are, by player popularity and download rates, recognised as the current top Xbox games available on consoles and compatible PCs:

Grim Dawn Definitive Edition

This dark and riveting game sees players creating their own unique and powered characters to fight for survival in a lucid, post-apocalyptic earth landscape. While the process of developing and powering characters may be a bit complex, the gameplay is rather enticing as players from different stations and factions join forces to fight of common enemies and tackle challenges. 

Rune Factory 4 Special 

Rune factory sees players living the landscape known as Selphia, subject to the challenges of being rulers of the land, together with the might dragon Ventuswill! It gameplay is more on the adventurous side, at the player get to explore the vast land, developing villages and exploring vast chests and dungeons. 

 Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Set in the real known as Bilgewater, this is a comic-based exploration and best casino games that sees a group a legends making their way through wary Shadow Isles and watery creeks. It is highly rated for its intuitive gameplay and overall unpredictable nature. 


While there are many more Xbox games available to look at, the above are seen as the most worthwhile of games available to players at the moment, Prospective players can always go through the Xbox game catalogue to find the most suitable games for them and their machines.