XAT 2023 syllabus; Know the important topics

XAT 2023 syllabus broadly includes 4 major sections with 1 section included this year as well. The sections are Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, General Knowledge, and Essay writing. With this section included the no. of questions is now 101. 

A detail about the topics covered under each section is discussed below. We will also be covering the important topics for each section. Along with that, we’ll also be discussing some tips and tricks to prepare for the XAT exam 2023. 

XAT 2023 syllabus: Section wise 

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 

The numerical questions in the quantitative aptitude section of the test are used to gauge a candidate’s mathematical skill, accuracy, and speed. The majority of the XAT Quantitative Aptitude questions deal with foundational mathematics. The fundamental idea must be fully understood by candidates. Because the XAT’s mathematical ability component is unique, there is a different sectional schedule where applicants must answer the relevant questions.

QA & DI Syllabus 

This section includes a total of 28 questions and the topics include;

Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Speed, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Speed Distance Time, Mixtures and Allegations, Quadratic Equations, Progression (AP GP HP), Linear Equations, Logarithms, Inequalities, Functions & Graphs, Binomial Theorem, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, HCF and LCM, Surds and Indices, Venn Diagrams, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, and Line Graph. 

Decision Making 

This section consists of 21 questions. This section comes only in XAT exam and no other MBA entrance test. So, it needs to be prepared separately. Finding the best answers to a series of managerial, logical, and behavioural challenges is tested in this portion. It goes beyond a simple knowledge check. It tests your moral principles, your way of thinking, and your capacity for problem-solving in the actual world.

Decision-Making Syllabus 

HR Decision Making, Numerical and Situation Caselets, and Appropriate Decision

Verbal & Logical Ability 

This section covers 26 questions. 

Verbal & Logical Ability: 

Sentence Correction, Fill in the Blanks, Synonyms and Antonyms, Analogy, Error Identification, Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, Word Usage, Contextual Vocabulary, Sentence Completion, Word Usage

General Knowledge 

There are total 25 questions in this section. Questions from static and current affairs are included in the XAT Exam Syllabus for General Knowledge.

General Knowledge Syllabus:

Economics, National and International Current Affairs, History, Geography, Business Affairs, Sports, and Business Affairs

Essay writing

The XAT 2023 Essay section syllabus is not specified. After 2018, this section was revived. There is a single question in the XAT Syllabus for Essay. Two subjects (arguments) will be given to the candidate, and they must select one of them for their essay. No candidate’s essay should be longer than 250 words. The essay’s subjects are frequently based on abstract notions.

XAT 2023 syllabus: Important Topics 

Though the candidate must go through all the topics that are part of the syllabus but there are some important topics that should not be missed. 

Sections Important Topics 
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation Algebra, Mensuration, Arithmetic, Geometry, Percentage
Decision Making Complex Arrangement, Grouping, Data Arrangement and Conditioning
Verbal & Logical Ability Reading Comprehension, Analogy, Para jumble, Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Grammar and Fill in the Blanks
General Knowledge Science, Economy, Prize, Static GK, Sports, 
Essay Writing A 250 words essay needs to be written on the given topic 

XAT 2023 exam syllabus : Tips & Tricks 

To succeed on the upcoming exam, it is advised that candidates study all the pertinent topics from the XAT Syllabus 2023. Here are some study guidelines you can use to thoroughly finish the XAT 2023 Syllabus.

  • The candidates must review all of the previous years’ question papers in order to take note of the topics covered and the exam’s difficulty level before moving forward with the XAT Exam Syllabus preparation.
  • To get better prepared, take the XAT Mock Tests 
  • Give each chapter covered by the XAT Syllabus equal weight.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of global events, both historical and contemporary, for the GK section. 
  • According to trends, knowing the news from the previous six months will be sufficient for learning the GK portion of the XAT Exam Syllabus.