Worst Glasses Frames Ever Which ones are not meant for your eyes?

Well, you must have seen plenty of glasses and think that looks weird. It can be a flamboyant frame worn by some celebrity or funky glasses in a butterfly shape ( D shape or anything eccentric). You would not dare wear. There are plenty of glasses frames that can easily top the chart. But even mainstream (normal) style can look weird on you if it does not match your style.

Not for Round Faces

If you have a small round face, then large glasses can make your face appear big. Your cute face might gain visibility, but not all large frames compliment your look. Glasses in round shape contradicts your appearance. You appear mellow, gentle and too kind. While it is a good thing to appear benevolent, it is often not a desired quality. You do not want to appear gullible that it makes it easy for every Tom, Dick and Harry to scam you.

These black glasses in full rim and round shape can change your look entirely. These frames add friendliness and easygoingness to your vibe. But if your face is round-shaped, you should stay away from these.

Thin round frames look trendy. They add a fashionable look to all faces except round faces. Your face appears more round. With a square face or heart-shaped, you can wear these glasses and look fabulous. Buy glasses online that will match your face shape.

Not for Square Face

A square face looks a bit stern. If you always keep a poker face, you appear even more sterner. And adding the wrong style of glasses in the equation will hamper your look even more. You will seem less approachable. If you are in a position of power, you will appear even more distant.

Do not try these glasses if you have a square face. You can wear these stylish grey colour rectangular glasses if you have a round face. They will complete a round shape face but cause a fashion fiasco for a square face shape.

Thick black frames make you appear hard-working and dextrous. These glasses do that as well but not for a squarish face shape. You will look too much of a nerd and unattractive. But with a round face, these glasses have a different appeal. With a diamond shape or a long face, these glasses glow up your appearance. These will match every outfit and give you the perfect appearance every time. 

Not for Long Faces

Don’t have a long face if you have a long face shape. It makes your face appear more gloomy. Glasses can make your face appear vibrant. They balance the look of your face. But not all glasses frames can do that too well.

These glasses in regular rectangular frames will make your face appear big. Rectangular glasses look great on most face shapes. But not yours. You can try out rectangular frames in thicker frames. Just stay away from smaller and thinner frames.

Transparent frames are fashionable but not too much on long faces. These frames are low-key, and to accentuate your look, you need something louder. 

Not for Professionals

For a professional look, you will need glasses that will compliment your power suits. You cannot wear just any glasses and destroy your handsome appeal. Check out professional glasses frames for women and men online. You can match, compare or try them out at home.

Tortoiseshell glasses match with most outfits. But these glasses in marzipan give off a more quirky vibe. If you are going to an important meeting, stay away from these glasses. You can keep these glasses for parties as this complements any face shape. Your quirkiness and fun-loving nature will woo everyone.

Needless to say, these vibrant glasses are not for everyday use or for office use. If you work in the fashion field, these frames are a sure way to attract and show off your unique style.

Not for Men

Not to be gender-biased, but some glasses do not look appealing on men. You can be rebellious and wear cat-eye frames or frames in very feminine colours. You will raise some brows, but who’s to judge. If you want, you can wear them.

Pink is attractive to both men and women. Women have too many accessories in pink shades. And men would just call this colour cute and move away. Glasses in these shades give off a delicate vibe.

Cat-eye frames make you appear youthful. These hide the edges of your eyes and make you appear stylish. Men too can wear them. But not most men would dare to. If you are Ross Geller, you might try and regret it. But should you, when you have so many choices. Check out the glasses collection from Specscart and choose glasses that fit you the best. You can get varifocals, blue light glasses or transition lenses at affordable prices. You don’t have to hamper your budget or your looks for the eyeglasses.