Working Dogs and the Jobs They Do Best

Did you know that there are 471 million dogs in the world? 

Canines have long been viewed as valuable members of the workplace. The value of working dogs is growing as more companies turn to them for assistance.

Are you a business owner considering bringing a working dog into your organization? Read below to learn about working dogs.

Service Working Dogs

Service and assistance working dogs are brilliant and loyal animals. They do their best to help humans in various ways.

They are highly versatile, with some of them leading the blind. Some are calming the anxious, rescuing the lost, and more. These dogs become the most trusted and loyal partners to those they serve. 

Search and Rescue Working Dogs

Search and rescue working dogs are specially trained to locate lost people. The dogs have an incredible sense of smell and are incredibly agile. They can track scents that might indicate a person’s location even in the most challenging terrain and in extreme climates.

These dogs have the skill set to detect scents from humans up to three miles away accurately. They can see an individual’s odor even when there are no other clues to their whereabouts. They are often used in situations such as avalanches and natural disasters.

Search and rescue working dogs are highly respected for their ability to save lives. They are a truly unique group of working dogs.

Detection Working Dogs

Drug sniffing dogs are a precious tool in keeping our communities safe. Detection working dogs are an incredible asset to law enforcement and other agencies in security and safety. They are trained to sniff out drugs, explosives, and other hazards.

Livestock Working Dogs

Livestock working dogs are a type of working dog used on farms, homesteads, and ranches for centuries. These dogs can be trained to protect their flock or herd from predators such as wolves, foxes, and coyotes. They can also be trained to help herd sheep, goats, and cattle.

Agile, confident, and easy to train, livestock working dogs are invaluable to any agricultural enterprise. With the help of these dogs, farmers and ranchers can easily protect their livestock. Different breeds of livestock working dogs can specialize in tasks such as herding, scenting, locating and controlling pests, and patrolling.

Learning the Benefits of Working Dogs

Working dogs have proven how loyal, enthusiastic, and intelligent they are when given an important job. It’s no wonder they’ve become so essential in many industries, from search and rescue to therapy, cancer detection, and beyond. We can all help support these hardworking pups by supporting initiatives that benefit them, such as puppy foster and adoption programs.

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