Work in Abu Dhabi

It hasn’t been long since Dubai has become a popular hub in the Middle East, chosen by many foreigners looking to work overseas. A couple of decades ago, employers had to promise specialists big salaries, company housing and transport, a full social package in order to lure them to Dubai. Today, the labor market has tilted in the other direction: there are so many people who want to work in Abu Dhabi that employers can dump salaries, offer no social guarantees at all, and still have a considerable choice among job seekers. In addition to foreigners, there is a small, but still significant stratum of local residents on the labor market, who usually occupy high-paid positions. Yet foreigners have advantages over local residents: they are much more willing to be hired by company owners, because hiring a foreigner is cheaper than a local resident.
There are a lot of jobs in Dubai, and you can find it anywhere. If you are targeting a specific sector (for example, you want to work only in your specialty), then you need to look specifically there. Surely sooner or later your exploration will be crowned with success. If you are a generalist, then take a look at the three areas in which there are the largest number of vacancies today:

  • Finance. In the United Arab Emirates, there are many local banks, as well as branches of foreign financial institutions. In addition, there are many companies related to finance and economics. Of course, to work in this area, you will need a special education, which will have to be confirmed by a diploma.
  • Tourism and services. Dubai is by far the most popular tourist destination in the Middle East. In the hot season (October – April), a sea of tourists come here who need to be served. There are almost always vacancies in hotels, restaurants, shops, shopping centers, beauty salons, gyms, etc.
  • Construction. Many people associate Dubai with construction projects, and this makes sense, since the construction of new buildings in this region is a continuous process. The construction industry requires both highly qualified specialists with diplomas (engineers, architects), and ordinary construction workers.

You cannot legally apply for a job in Dubai if you are under the age of 21 or have already celebrated your 50th birthday. Those who have an open Israeli visa have little chance of finding a vacancy. The country’s relations with the UAE remain very strained. All others may well expect to be employed in Dubai. Employers give priority to those employees who:

  • know Arabic, one or several foreign languages, but knowledge of English is a prerequisite, without it you can only rely on hard physical labor for low wages;
  • have a special education in the field in which they are going to work, the presence of an international diploma is especially impressive for managers;
  • have work experience in a similar or at least a similar position;
  • can provide recommendations from their previous employers;
  • have worked or are still working in Dubai;
  • make a good impression during the interview.

And lastly, the first two months (and in some organizations even six months) of work in Dubai is considered a trial period. You need to demonstrate the maximum of your abilities during this period, because if you do not cope with your duties, the employer can not only easily fire you without explanation, but also demand to return the money spent on your visa. In Dubai, in order to work in a good position for a decent salary, you need to really try, forget what laziness and half-hearted work are.