No matter the lab size, your technicians deserve the best equipmentsn. For example, stirring is a widely used method of mixing liquids in any laboratory. To get the best results, you need to employ world-class stirring equipment.

2mag Magnetic stirring systems are one of such systems. They are the modern way and give out efficient results. Are you are wondering why you should use the system in the food and beverage testing labs using Agilent UV VIS spectroscopy. Don’t freight. The list below will shed more light on the importance of the system.

1.      Less Maintenance

2mag Magnetic Stirring Systems are known for not needing any repairs. Using magnetic technology ensures that no moving parts are involved in the process. Unlike the traditional stirrers, they are fitted with magnets.

Traditional stirrers employ mechanical moving parts such as belts, motors, and in some cases, bearings. Unfortunately, all these mechanical parts are prone to wear with time. This, in turn, will require you to have a maintenance fee.  

The 2mag stirrers use a different approach. They are fitted with stationary coils whose activation is by using alternating currents. The alternating currents produce an electromagnetic field that has no wear and tear.

2.      Ability to control the speed

Efficiency should be on your list of priorities while working in the lab. 2mag Magnetic systems can attain efficiency by using quality equipment. For example, 2mag stirring systems come with such satisfaction.

The 2mag stirring system offers you the ability to control its speed remotely. Magnetic stirrers can mix liquid samples rapidly and thoroughly. In addition, the magnetic stirrers offer you the ability to configure your machine according to the speed you want.  

The control panel for this function is situated in a convenient place for you. For example, the control panel is placed next to you when working close to the stirrer. If not, the control panel will be in a separate unit.

On top of that, magnetic stirrers give you the option of adding a hot plate. The hot plate allows you to mix and heat your samples simultaneously. Advantageously, the high temperatures of the hotplate won’t damage your machine in the process.

3.      Space Efficient

2mag magnetic systems are made, so they will not take up much of your space. The systems are made to use a small space but at the same time be able to perform all your duties. This is due to its high-quality design.

The 2mag systems are fitted with four stationary coils that serve a single stirring point. However, the coils’ arrangement will ensure that each coil can drive four stirring points. One of the many advantages is that you get to have your stirring points working in sync.

Bottom Line

when you are looking to improve the quality of services you offer, 2mag Magnetic stirring systems are the route to follow.

These stirring magnetic systems are top-notch systems. The magnetic stirs are economical since no maintenance cost is added. Wearing and tearing is one of the significant worries you have in mind. These magnetic systems can be considered to be the future to cater to the growing needs of food and beverage testing labs. Most importantly, it is a critical system required in ensuring food quality and safety using Agilent UV VIS spectroscopy.