Why You Should Start Using The No-code App Builder Swipecart

Have you ever had the experience of building an e-commerce mobile application? A not-so-sweet experience we would say. The countless hours spent zeroing in on the best app development agency, the budget constraint, explaining features to the app designers and coders, following it up with the team for updates, and finally getting an app that never ever matches with what you had visualized before. Sounds familiar, right? We know, after all, it is the same story with all e-commerce businesses that have built their mobile apps from scratch.

We don’t blame the designers or coders though. Learning to code is far from easy, and writing thousands of codes to build the highest quality mobile app is challenging. You need years of expertise to master the code and by then a new framework would have been released. What then is the solution? Fortunately, for coders and businesses, modern technology has made it possible to build an app without coding and get it deployed in a few minutes. This miracle is called the no-code mobile app builder and Swipecart is its perfect example.

You might be wondering how such an extensive e-commerce mobile application can be built so easily with a no-code app builder. That too without coding and in a few minutes! Will it have all the features as in a custom app? Will it load quickly? Will it be as engaging and intuitive? Will it offer data analytics? We understand your concerns. When the mind is conditioned to believe that building an app is not possible without coding and it requires days and months to build an app, it is nearly impossible to believe the exact opposite is true.

To set matters straight, let’s get into what to expect when building your own app with Swipecart.

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How to build a mobile app with Swipecart?

Swipecart makes it easy to create a new mobile app from your existing e-commerce store in WordPress. So, if you have your WooCommerce store, all you have to do is install and activate this plugin. The starting point of your app creation is selecting a template instead of starting from a blank screen. From here, it’s about customization of the color scheme, element types, branding materials, content, and all. It’s made easy with a drag-and-drop editor.

If you’ve worked with website-building interfaces like Shopify, WordPress, or Wix, you’ll have no difficulty using Swipecart because the process is similar. The interface is user-friendly and the product list from your website is directly synced with the app. After designing the app, the last step is deploying it in Play Store/App Store. Even after the launch of the app, you can still make changes in the design with a real-time preview. Any changes are instantly updated and reflected in the app.  

What are the features offered by Swipecart?

With the drag and drop app builder Swipecart, make your e-commerce mobile app as advanced as possible.  

User segmentation

Segment your app users based on multiple traits such as their demographic, location, interests, in-app behavior, frequency of app usage, the device used, and others. User segmentation helps you understand how different segments interact with your app and use this data to create personalized shopping experiences.  

Push notifications

Sending strong push triggers to app users about new product launches, offers, sales, and others increase app retention rates by 3 to 10 times. You send reminders of items in the cart or show them previously viewed products so they are compelled to click on the link and buy them. It is also useful to re-engage user segments who haven’t recently used the app thereby helping you to reduce the churn rate.  

Abandoned cart notification

Cart abandonment push notifications enjoy a click rate of 61%. Easily earn additional revenue by re-engaging and converting this small percent of app users who have added items to the cart but have not purchased them. Sending them targeted reminders featuring the specific items they intended to buy increases your sales immediately.  

Workflow automation

In Swipecart, you design automatic responses as a trigger to user actions on the app. For instance, you trigger a review popup after the user has spent a fixed amount of time in the app or upsell items when the user is about to checkout.

Easy checkout

E-commerce businesses lose about 17% of their customers due to long complicated processes of checkout. It’s devastating from a business perspective when your customer intends to buy the product but doesn’t at the last moment. All your efforts from acquiring them to enticing them to buy products from your app go down the drain. Swipecart provides you with a feature to store the shipping and payment information of recurring customers to make their checkout process simpler and easier.  

AI-based product recommendation

As a part of the personalization strategy, use the AI-based product recommendation feature of Swipecart to dynamically populate products to the app users based on data such as customer attributes, browsing behavior, or situational context. And it works because 54% of the retailers have seen an increase in the average order value of the customer purchase after recommending products to them.         


It collects usage data from app users and tracks their activities such as session time, screens visited, CTAs clicked, and other metrics. With this data, you analyze their intentions and behaviors and deliver relevant content at each point of their buying journey.

Push notification analytics

It helps you study how a push notification has influenced a customer’s in-app behavior after they’ve received the message. Once you identify which push notifications drove higher engagement, experiment with the most successful results.

The great part of no-code app builders like Swipecart is these aren’t just for beginners who don’t know to code. Even expert app developers and businesses can take advantage of it because it is cheaper, simpler, and faster.

Cost to build mobile apps with Swipecart

Price is obviously a factor when you use drag-and-drop app builders. Some charge a one-time fee while others charge monthly or annually. Swipecart has an introductory free offer. The minimal charge is $20/month and extends to $999/month for the enterprise plan. Traditional app development needs you to hire a team of app designers, developers, testers, and other members. And if you need a native app, you have to search for Android/iOS experts. But you don’t have to worry about anything with Swipecart. Get started with as low as $20/month and it includes servers, maintenance, updates, and everything. As you see, there is no comparison between this and the typical expense of constructing an app from the ground up.

Benefits of building mobile apps with Swipecart vs. building mobile apps from scratch

While Swipecart remains the obvious choice for building e-commerce apps, there are some specific cases such as gaming apps, augmented reality apps, or virtual reality apps where coding from the scratch is better. Swipecart already provides features based on AI and the day is not far when even AR and VR will be available on it.

Here is a comparison chart for you to decide why opting to build your mobile app using Swipecart may prove to be the best decision for your business.

 Building Apps With SWIPECARTBuilding Custom Apps From Scratch
App Development Time1-15 days3-24 months
CostStarts from $20/monthBasic app starts from $10,000
Ease of app buildingVery easy with drag and drop editorDifficult with hundreds of lines of code
Who can buildBeginners, businesses, as well as experienced codersExperienced coders
Technical ExpertiseNot requiredRequired
CustomizationAdvanced features availableDepends on the expertise of app developers
Post-launch maintenanceRegular maintenance and support providedNeed to hire a dedicated team for maintenance
Updates to the appEasy to make changes with real-time updatesHave to depend on the developer team
Scalability & FlexibilityYesChallenging if not planned and implemented at the start itself
TrialAvailableNot available

Swipecart offers a free trial and it is one of the best ways to see if you’re comfortable using this no-code app builder before you commit to a subscription.

Final Thoughts

We hope, we have been successful in proving you don’t need to learn coding skills to build an e-commerce mobile app. Complete creating one in a few days at a fraction of the cost needed to build custom apps. Creating a mobile app is easy with a no-code app builder like Swipecart. It’s just about choosing a template, adding features, customizing the look of the app, and deploying it in the App Store/Play Store.  

Browse through the pricing plans of Swipecart to know the best fit for your e-commerce app. If you have a custom feature in mind, get in touch with the team to have it built for you. Sign up for a free trial, and start building your own mobile app today.