Why Used Coffee Grounds Are Used in Garden Soil

Coffee grounds have quite a wide array of benefits to garden soil, then you may know. But, when you take that cup of coffee in the morning, do you ever consider where it comes from? You’re unlikely to ever think about fair trade coffee in Australia, while you enjoy the cup. But if you’re a farmer, you may want to think about the benefits that come to your garden soil from coffee grounds. For example, there have been some ideas that coffee grounds are used as fertilizer. But is it a good idea to use the grounds?


You can compost your garden soil with coffee grounds which makes for an excellent way to avoid landfilling. In addition, it helps to add a bit of nitrogen to the composite pile. You can easily do it by throwing coffee grounds into the bank. When you opt for used coffee grounds, it is worth knowing that it is considered green compost material. In essence, it isn’t well balanced for the garden. You need to use brown compost material to balance the garden soil.

Used as A Fertilizer

Some people tend to use coffee grounds straight to the garden soil as fertilizer. But the use of coffee grounds doesn’t end with a well-balanced composite. Instead, when you use coffee grounds, it only adds nitrogen to the soil. And that too isn’t added immediately to the soil. The good thing about using coffee grounds as fertilizer is that it adds some organic material to the soil. This will improve the drainage and water retention of the garden soil. It will also add microorganisms that are essential to the growth of plants. Other people feel like coffee grounds can lower the PH of the soil. But this can be essential for acid-loving plants. This, though, happens when the coffee grounds aren’t washed.

Other Coffee Grounds Uses for Garden Soil

Other than as fertilizer and composite, there are other uses of coffee grounds to garden soils.

  • Mulch for plants
  • They can be used to keep snails and slugs away from the plants. Caffeine can negatively affect these pests
  • Keeping cats from using the veggie beds as a litter box
  • Used as worm food and it can help with vermicomposting.

Use Fresh Coffee Grounds

There are some reservations about using fresh coffee ground on your garden soil. But it shouldn’t present an issue. So here are some uses of fresh coffee grounds to your garden soil.

  • Sprinkle fresh coffee ground around acid-loving plants
  • It’s used to suppress weeds that can affect tomato plants.
  • Fresh coffee grounds can also be used to deter some pests as much as used coffee grounds.
  • Should be used minimally to avoid severe issues to the garden soil

Fertilize The Soil

One of the best uses for both used and fresh coffee grounds is to fertilize the soil. There are other uses for coffee grounds to your garden soil that you can read about above. Generally, coffee grounds are suitable for your gardening soil, but you need to know how to use them not to affect the soil.