Why Supply Teaching Can Be A Great Way To Regain Your Freedom

Supply teaching is a great way to give yourself a better work-life balance, regain your freedom and take control of your teaching career. Today, there are several ways to access supply teaching jobs. Some supply teachers find temporary roles by contacting schools directly, but many find suitable positions by working with a teacher recruitment agency. There are plenty of supply teacher roles available currently, so it’s a great time to try supply work. In this article, we explore how supply teaching will allow you to regain your freedom, among other benefits.

Flexible Working

Supply teaching allows for flexible working, giving you the opportunity to manage your own timetable. While full-time teachers usually have to plan their holiday to set times within the school year, supply teachers can take time off whenever suits them.

Manageable Workload

Another key benefit of being a supply teacher is that you get to go home at the end of the day without a large pile of work waiting for you, something that full-time teachers often have to contend with. A survey conducted by NASUWT exploring why supply teachers carried out supply work found that 15 percent of respondents were concerned about full-time teacher workloads. Thankfully, as a supply teacher, your workload won’t be as demanding. For example, you won’t have to get involved in as many school meetings as full-time teachers. Plus, you’ll fill in much less paperwork!

Skill Building and Development

Staying in one teaching post may lead to stagnation. Full-time teachers may become set in their ways and, without realising it, may close themselves off from new teaching styles and techniques that might benefit their students. Supply work allows you to learn from other teachers you encounter at the schools you visit and trial new teaching techniques.


Most teachers stay at one school for many years. In some cases, teachers stay at one school for their entire career. While a long-term teaching role suits some people because it provides familiarity and security, other teaching professionals may feel that their career becomes boring and stagnant. 

On the other hand, supply teaching allows you to work at several schools, where you’ll regularly meet new staff and students. Meeting new people in supply roles will enable you to gain a broader range of experience than full-time teachers who stay in their positions for decades.

In Summary

Supply teaching offers several benefits: flexible working, a manageable workload, skill building and development, and more variety than a full-time teaching role. There are several ways to access supply teaching jobs. In 2019, almost nine in ten supply teachers were employed through a supply agency, making it the most popular way to access supply teaching roles. 

So if you’re interested in becoming a supply teacher, contact a local supply teaching agency to learn more about the current positions available. Whether you are leaving a full-time teaching position to become a supply teacher or at the beginning of your teaching career, a supply teaching agency will help you find roles that suit your requirements.