There are gender inequalities in depression prevalence, with women having serious depression more frequently than males. This danger exists regardless of race or ethnicity.

According to a large-scale 2017 study, these gender inequalities begin at the age of 12, with girls and women being twice as likely as men to experience depression. Several risk variables have been investigated as potential explanations for gender disparities in depression rates.

Reasons why depression is more common in Females

Differences in Hormones

The fact that women can have mood disorders associated with their menstrual cycle, such as premenstrual dysphonic disorder (PMDD), a mood disorder characterized by depressive symptoms that occur prior to the start of the menstrual cycle, suggests that female sex hormones and mood are linked.

Although menopause reduces a woman’s risk of depression, the peri-menopausal era increases the risk for those with a history of serious depression. Sex variations in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and thyroid function are two more hormonal factors that may increase a woman’s risk of depression.

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Distinctions in Socialization

Researchers discovered that gender disparities in socialization may also play a role in depression rates. Girls are often socialized to be more nurturing and sensitive to other people’s perspectives, whilst young boys are frequently pushed to have a greater sense of mastery and independence in their lives.

Social Positions

It has also been suggested that women who become housewives and mothers may have their roles diminished by society. 

Meanwhile, women who work outside the home may suffer discrimination and job inequity, or they may experience difficulties between their roles as a wife and mother and their profession.

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Gender socialization and gender features have been linked to how effectively people manage with stress and the consequences of stress on health. Researchers discovered that such socialization boosts men’s overall health.

Life Events That Are Stressful

Evidence suggests that women may endure more stressful life events and be more sensitive to them than males do throughout their lives. Adolescent girls report more unpleasant life events than males, most of which are related to their relationships with their parents and friends, and they suffer higher degrees of anguish as a result.

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