Timely breast cancer treatment screening helps to detect cancer at an early stage and reduces advanced cancer incidence. Effective mammography screening reduces breast cancer mortality and has evolved over the years in terms of technology and detection accuracy. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) has emerged as the new standard of breast imaging and detecting cancer. The widespread use of DBT in cancer screening and the popularity and importance of digital breast tomosynthesis training has also increased in the present era.

Better visualization of breast lesions

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is an advanced-level mammography technique that enables tomographic images to be captured in a traditional mammography visual representation. Often, it is referred to as three-dimensional mammography, and the technique demands specialized training while operating the screening machine.

Contrary to conventional breast screening methodologies, DBT provides better visualization of breast lesions and normal tissues. This means that the operator if trained properly, can analyze the images, study, and compare normal and abnormal tissues in the breast and the adjacent areas. Better visualization helps with a clear understanding of the problem areas and the subsequent treatment plan.

Comprehending results minutely

After the screening procedure is completed, a series of photographs will appear on the attached computer screen. This helps the experts manipulate the pictures by zooming in and out of the concerned areas. Furthermore, one can also increase or reduce the contrast of the breast tissue to analyze the results more efficiently. This is particularly helpful in distinguishing between normal and abnormal breast tissue.

Thanks to computer-aided detection, it aids in automatically highlighting areas of concern. If the operator of the screening machine has not undertaken digital breast tomosynthesis training, he/she will fail to comprehend the visual images. Moreover, the operator will not be able to manipulate the images at his convenience to study them thoroughly and come to a conclusion. Comprehending the images correctly can help with the early detection of breast cancer.

Better job opportunities

The incidence of breast cancer has increased tenfold in recent years among women across the world. Breast cancer is not limited to only women, but affects men as well. Thousands of individuals die every year due to undetected breast cancer. Thanks to advanced digital breast cancer screening technology that has transformed the field of oncology. Since breast cancer is on the rise, and the use of digital breast tomosynthesis is also widespread, the need for specialists operating such advanced screening machines is also important.

Hospitals, medical facilities, and diagnostic centers have a huge demand for experts with knowledge and training in operating DBT (digital breast tomosynthesis). The job market for such breast cancer screening machines is high. Thus, it is valuable to have proper certification training in digital breast tomosynthesis operation.


Technology is playing a critical role in the faster, and more efficient screening of breast cancer. With the advancement in technology, cancer screening procedures and machines are also transforming. These demand specialized certificate courses in digital breast tomosynthesis training. Being trained in operating digital breast cancer screening devices is proving beneficial for candidates in the field.