Why Professional Year Accounting Program Is Popular In Australia?

Skill-based opportunities in the job sector come with many benefits including a hefty pay check but getting a good placement is one of immense competition. To get to where you aspire to be, it is always advisable to be a step ahead.

The increasing cut-throat competition has made job availability difficult but not impossible and if you make use of all the advantages and opportunities that are available around you, then being a desirable candidate is just a decision away.

What is the Professional Year Course Adelaide?

The Professional Year Program (PYP) ensures that qualified workers in fields such as IT, engineering, and accounting are available. DIBP launched the program with the help of several Australian universities for international graduates in the country to better understand and contribute to the Australian work climate.

The government-funded Professional Year courses are not only a well-structured professional training curriculum involving formal learning and practical experience to help introduce you to a potential career path, but they are also a good initiative in welcoming international candidates to strengthen global connections and to embrace diversity in the Australian work scene.

The Professional Year program not only provides international candidates benefits and opportunities but also improves the IT, Engineering, and Accounting Sectors in the country which lacks a decent amount of workforce.

The Professional Year Program Adelaide helps to enhance your knowledge of the Australian workforce by offering an industry-relevant internship, provides you with placement, and helps expand your professional network in preparation for potential employment

What is a Professional Year Accounting Program?

CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia, and New Zealand, and the Institute of Public Accountants collaborated to establish the Accounting PYP.  The Department of Home Affairs has since approved the Professional Year Accounting Adelaide Program (Accounting PYP – formerly Skilled Migration Internship Program Accounting) is headed by the Department of Home Affairs (formerly the Department of Immigration and Border Protection). It is open to international students who have completed at least two years of study in Australia and hold an Australian accounting degree.

The PY curriculum, which is tailored for foreign accounting/business graduates, is vital for those looking for a job in marketing and finance as it provides them with manufacturing practices, learning, and the development of their core skills learned in universities. Since the business sector is a competitive and difficult environment, it is critical for business graduates to learn key skills in order to advance in their careers and stand out and hence the Professional Year Program Accounting is helpful.

The PYP curriculum helps international candidates to not only gain insight into business and accounting skills but also the workings of the dynamic Australian business sector.

With mentoring from experts with relevant skills, marketing trends, and years of experience in the field, candidates are exposed to high-class learning and exposure.


The program is open to any foreign graduate who has completed a minimum two-year degree from an Australian university and wishes to work in the country. The Professional Year Program is a well-organized professional training program that includes both formal and practical learning. 

All Professional Year Adelaide courses provided by premier institutes are spread over a 44-week period, with 32 weeks of classroom instruction and 12 weeks of internship. This helps candidates gain useful knowledge and skilful preparation, as well as real-world experience and exposure, and opportunities that will kick-start and boost their careers. Following are the course requirements for International students:

  • A degree of proof of completion in an Australian accounting degree (minimum 2 years duration)
  • As receipt of lodgement is no longer acceptable, curriculums require the submission of a positive skills assessment from any one of the following Australian accounting bodies: CPA, IPA, CA. 
  • Students can enrol even on a student visa as long as the primary course of study has been completed and the proof of its completion is submitted along with a 485 visa application.
  • International students require to qualify for any English proficiency test preferably an IELTS or TOEFL. The test result for the former should have a minimum score of 6.0 in all four competencies or equivalent within the last 3 years.

Benefits of completing a Professional Year Accounting Adelaide Program:

There are certain benefits of specializing in a Professional Accounting program, here are a few of them:

  • You can earn valuable and efficient work experience in an Australian company through accounting internships.
  • It helps you improve your understanding of the culture and practices and trends within the Australian workplace and the business sector.
  • It helps you learn how to communicate in a professional manner as well as hone your communications skills while working within the Australian business sectors.
  • Over successful completion of the PY program, you will gain 5 migration points which help you gain permanent residency in Australia.
  • Improving interpersonal skills, which will come in handy when facing an interview.
  • Providing you with a CV and a cover letter will help you find better opportunities.
  • Practical skills development through a technical internship.
  • Professional references/networking with professionals.
  • Having a greater understanding of Australian professionals and the working sector.

Considering the number of courses in PYP training available today, it is no doubt that PYP is one of the most popular courses in Australia right now. Programs like these can be particularly helpful to students pursuing a degree in Australia. While honing your skills and experience in doing what you love, you may be able to progress professionally while also enhancing your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Australia. The specialized training in Accounting as briefly stated before has helped many students get the job of their dreams in the International market and gave them the opportunity to portray their skills and impart their knowledge.