Why People Read Blogs Instead of Literature

The rise of the internet has changed so many aspects of the modern world. One area in which this can be seen is in the way people choose to spend their free time and the content they choose to engage with.
When a person wants to investigate a specific subject or spend some time reading. They’ll often turn to their phones or laptops, load up a blog post, and read through some simple, easily-digestible breakdowns of different subjects. Rather than turning to literature, novels, and published non-fiction texts. This article will explore some of the reasons why this interesting phenomenon has occurred.

Speed and Convenience

Perhaps the most obvious reason why people tend to opt for blogs over books. Is a simple fact that blog posts are so quick and convenient to find, read through, and understand. If a couple is expecting a child, they can load up blog articles in seconds and learn a lot very quickly. This is one reason why we’re seeing so many news sites setting up blog networks.
This isn’t to say that literature isn’t able to offer a lot of knowledge and broaden one’s understanding as well. But books tend to take a lot longer to read and can be more inconvenient. In today’s hectic world where people often have busy schedules and lots of things to do. In short, it’s just a lot simpler to read the odd blog article now and then when you get the time than spend hours on a single book.

Simpler Language

Another potential advantage that can appeal to a lot of blog readers. And draw them to blogs over books is the fact that blogs are written by everyday people. Not necessarily those who have honed the craft of writing over the years and undergone strict editorial control in their work. This results in blog posts generally having much simpler and easier-to-follow language and themes.
The greatest works of literature can contain beautiful prose and extraordinary use of language. But for people who want some light and easy reading, blogs can be a much more attractive option. As they’ll typically involve the use of simpler, shorter words, more concise concepts, and wider appeal to people who aren’t big readers in general.

Writer Personality

Another interesting aspect of blogs that has been discussed by experts on sites like my-assignment. Help is the fact that they often allow the writer to put a lot of their personality and character into each piece. This isn’t always the case in the world of literature. As authors often try to separate their own opinions and voices from the characters and worlds they create or the texts they write.
Blog writers typically enjoy injecting their own personality quirks and traits into their writing. Often sharing stories and anecdotes from their own lives, as well as adding pictures, links, and more to let people learn more about them. This can help to establish a digital connection between writer and reader. And many people find it easier to connect with blog writers because of this.


Another big benefit that many blogs seem to have over literature, as discussed in many UK dissertation papers, is accessibility. Put simply, if you want to read a blog on a certain subject. You can find dozens of them in a matter of seconds by simply loading up. A search engine and typing in whatever you want to read about.
Books tend to have broader scopes and cover lots of different subjects, so it’s not always so easy to find one that discusses the precise subject you’re interested in at the time. What’s more, getting your hands on books in the first place often involves actually visiting libraries and bookshops to purchase them, whereas blogs exist in the digital world, freely available to all.

Variety and Range

Last but not least, there’s also the fact that blogs are so numerous and varied. There are blogs on absolutely everything, from sports teams to political parties, scientific discoveries, movie reviews, family matters, and more.
You can find so many options and opinions out there, and this allows readers to find blogs and blog writers that really match their tastes and preferences perfectly. There are lots of books and pieces of literature out there too, but finding a voice that matches your own or a book on a very particular subject simply isn’t easy or isn’t even always possible.

Final Word

These are just some of the reasons to explain why many people actually feel that blogs are more appealing than literature in the modern world. However, there are also plenty of arguments in the opposite direction, and it’s clear to see that both blogs and books have a part to play in today’s society.