Why Non-desk Companies Must Have A Productivity App

If we go by the literary definition, a deskless worker is an employee who is not seated behind a desk when they’re working. But isn’t this definition quite broad in itself? It is as broad as the relevancy of their output for the majority of the businesses. But do we have any technology/instant Messaging application to measure or boost their productivity level? Do we need any team productivity software to engage them and bridge the gap of staying connected?

If we shred the trending buzzwords, ‘De-siloing’ is one of the current buzzwords laddering horizontally in the invisible thin line of employee engagement between the field force and the non-field force. But are the organizations de-siloing throughout? 

In this article, we will unveil the point of view of the non-desk workers and how their operational efficiency is contained. This shall also generate as well as provide an answer to the conventional loop of why companies employing non-desk workers should have a productive app. 

Non-desk workers: The overlooked employees

If we have a look at the statistics, more than 80% of the total workforce in the world do work out of office environs. Most of the employees have limited or no access to HR and managerial news and updates, daily stand-ups, peer interaction, or documents on the go. In short, they are not looped in properly and are neglected to limited communication. It is evident that that most of the companies interact about their operational functions between desk-based workers only and the non-desk workers comprising but not limited to frontline staff, delivery executives, security forces, etc., are neglected out in the sun. 

This develops a need for a productivity tool for all the workers working in the organization to reap the benefits of employee engagement measures and stay updated with the company provisions.

With the hit of a global pandemic in the world, non-desk employees or the mobile workforce has started to become a new norm in almost all industries. This is replacing the traditional work commutation to work from home thus bringing in the realization that the non-desk employees are the neglected backbone who are playing a major role in almost all of the businesses. But nonetheless, the verity cannot be hidden as a huge chunk of them feel under-appreciated, forgotten, and never receive the communicational spoon from the management. Without the application of productivity measurements, the screams of job dissatisfaction further drive them away from the required communication between their peers.

And this is exactly what all the organization shall want to prevent. If the non-desk employees are not being recognized, it is evident that any company will face failing profitability and productivity. Because if the employees don’t feel valued, they will care less, work worse, and eventually churn at some point. Here are a few reasons why the non-desk company should have a productivity app:

The ‘producti-verity’

As stated above, almost 80% of the total employees in any organization across the globe leave their office desk and step into the field to work. This naturally implies that they should have access to the best technological bandwidth. It is also statistically ironic that about 85% of the workforce in varied sectors have no corporate credentials and almost half of them have no access to Intranet and proper communication. They are not even a part of any productivity tool or application like NuovoTeam, Slack or Microsoft teams. To ensure that productivity is attained, they should also be included in the same wavelength as the on-desk employees. A mobile application can be an ultimate fit to bridge the gap. NuovoTeam can bridge the gap of uniting the non-field workers and adjoin them with all the activities happening in the organization. The secure team communication application can streamline the collaboration with instant messaging feature and group communication. 

The communication gap

Deskless employees have always been treated in a different manner in any of the organizations across the globe. They have been perceived as someone whose recognitions are of a minimal value, but the on-desk individuals lack the productivity measurement tool to conclude that. 

With the implementation of a mobile app, the elimination of friction in the communication process can be gapped and the desk-less staffs can be associated with the real-time important notifications as well as announcements, thus welcoming them to eliminate the communication gap through a productivity application. This shall also make them not feel indifferent from any of their peers even though they might not be physically around in the workplace but would have the ability to stay updated on the go.

The Solution: 

If the organization wants to achieve optimum efficiency, they need to keep their employees happy as this would proportionately engage them. This is one of the most difficult tasks yet challenging to find a common wavelength that keeps employees excited about their work. If we reflect upon the statistics again, we are aware that almost 80% of the workforce across the globe are desk-less and are drastically overlooked in terms of communication, engagement as well as productivity. Wherein, it is also reported that almost 56% of the workforce claim that they feel connected to their on-desk peers. However, an additional 27% of the desk-less employees claim that they are very less appreciated, and their contributions are highly undervalued. 

Is there any solution that one can adopt to mitigate these adverse effects? Yes, Nuovo Team is an application that bridges the gap of communication between the deskless workers and the on-desk employees that ultimately adds to the positive quality of work output.

Closing lines…

To bring the non-desk employees closer to the thin line of employee engagement and enhance their productivity, and application at the place is of utmost importance. Nuovoteam by Scalefusion can ensure the engagement (and productivity) of the non-desk workers in any organization. With features like text messaging, broadcast messaging, group messaging and high-quality calls, the corporate data and engagement is exchanged, and the efficiency is scooped eventually bring closer the non-desk employee to the on-desk scenario.