Why move to the Algarve in Portugal as a retiree?

Why move to the Algarve in Portugal as a retiree? - living in portugal

If you are considering where to move to or live as a retiree, know that Portugal is one of the world’s most beautiful and accommodating countries. 

It is no news that dwelling in Portugal is incredibly appealing, with dazzling scenes, the entire year’s warm and delicate climate, etc. Portugal, Algarve could be home to you after retirement, as Living in Portugal offers the best regardless of whether you are a foreign or indigenous retiree. 

It is perhaps the best country in European countries to live in, and we will tell you why. But if you already buy the idea of living in Portugal, you can check out our golden visa.

Here are why Algarve possesses all the necessities for a retiree living in Portugal.

Portugal has incredible landmarks

It’s no news that the Algarve is a lovely spot with many incredible landmarks. With more than 100 miles of Atlantic shore scattered by spiked rock improvements, lagoons, and wide sandy beaches, it is perhaps the most exquisite seaside location in European. 

If you think the coastlines are outstanding, you should check the mountain and hills, which are a sight to see and take a selfie. Furthermore, even its shores and cliff-top vistas are excellent for a good evening stroll. Moreover, restaurants and food courts are closed if you get depleted after a long day’s hike.

Portugal is very safe

As a retiree, safety for yourself and your family without stress should be your utmost concern—Portugal’s rates are among the ten most secure spots on earth. Minor crimes are normal, but even with their liberal gun laws, there is a lower gun-related violence rate than in European countries with stricter weapon guidelines. 

We have moreover seen that the police in Portugal are dependable and ready to answer all questions you could have.

The Weather in Portugal is outstanding

As we age, it may be most fundamental for us to give the body lots of rest. Living in Portugal is the best retirement objective, with an ordinary of 300 days of sunshine yearly. It is safe living in Portugal throughout the year without fearing extreme weather conditions. 

All through its colder season terms, you could see the value in mild temperatures in some places in the scope of 10 and 15 degrees, suggesting that you can partake in a walk any season of the year.

There is no tax on retirement income

Recent laws in Portugal have included reducing charge tax on income, interest, benefits, and capital for retirees. This guideline similarly permits retirees to get help money from the government for both indigenous and foreigners living in Portugal. 

This Legislation in Portugal means that resident foreign retirees with non-habitual resident status can receive their pensions in Portugal, taxed at a flat rate of 10% for 10 years. There is also a cap on income tax for various professions for services billed from Portugal. 

Very low Cost of living

Over the years, Portugal’s population has increased drastically due to its low cost of living. The cost of living is so low that you can survive the day on a few dollars and still eat the best cuisines Portugal offers. 

Mediterranean influences are now considered one of the tastiest and most healthy diets, featuring olive oil, lots of fish, fresh vegetables, and fruit. Every day, your local market will have a range of fresh produce available at the lowest possible cost that would make you more than the eager kitchen. 

Even real estate in the Algarve is undervalued compared with other Western European countries, about 30 percent lower than in any other region. It also tends to maintain it even in turbulent markets, so renting or buying a house is affordable.

No need to learn a new language 

One of the problems of getting older is the ability to learn becomes more difficult. But thanks to its strong historical and cultural links with England, English is widely spoken in the country and even more so in the Algarve.  

So, as a retiree here, you could get by without learning to speak Portuguese if you wanted to. But if you decided to learn a few phrases for better cultural integration while living in Portugal, it wouldn’t be due to need and not want. 

If you are a retiree considering living in Portugal, we highly recommend you do so. You are guaranteed only the best, from the standard of living to the food.