Why Mosquito Infestation Will Be on the Rise in Summer 2021

Weathers are getting extreme. Whether or not global warming is to blame, many regions of the world are changing in terms of weather. Summers are getting longer, hotter and more humid. Wetter summers are giving rise to new threats never thought of before. This includes rise in mosquito infestation and ultimately all pest infestations.

Typically, mosquitoes start making their presence felt as soon as winter ends. By mid-spring and its later half, most places of the world get heavy mosquito infestation. Summer in most countries is when mosquito problems are the worst. Canada is also one of these countries where in most parts summer gets a lot of mosquito infestation problems.

Why Mosquitoes Love Moisture and Wetness So Much?

Plain and simple, mosquitoes need puddles, ponds or collections of water to reproduce. Female mosquitoes are the ones who actually suck your blood out. Also, females lay eggs on water surfaces and like to do this on small water collections or puddles.

Why do female mosquitoes prefer smaller puddles or collections of water rather than big lakes or ponds? One reason is, smaller puddles don’t produce large ripples drowning their eggs. So, simply, wetter and rainier the summer is, more mosquito infestation problems are to be expected.

What Kind of Water Puddles You Need to Worry About for Mosquito Infestation?

Well, all they actually need from a water puddle is for it to be the size of a water bottlecap. Franky, this size of water collection can potentially exist in plain sight without you knowing about it. All your flower pots, areas in the backyard, open containers, tires and more can be mosquito breeding grounds.

Rain can pool up at many different places across the house. It is important to go around the outsides of the house and check for any water collections after it rains. Check around the backyard and your garden or lawn areas as well. Remove any water holding points and potential mosquito egg laying areas.

Why You Don’t Want Mosquitoes in Your Property?

If you aren’t annoyed enough by a mosquito infestation, the other major concern is health. Mosquitoes can be nature’s perfect stealthy bacteria and virus carriers. Also, they are known to spread diseases like malaria and others. And, they reproduce very quickly becoming larger problems fast.

If that’s not enough, mosquitoes attract other pests like lizards, bats and more. And those pests in turn may attract even worse kinds. This is a chain reaction type of a thing. Remove mosquitos and all other kinds of small pests to not attract bigger more riskier species into your property.

Some Mosquito Infestation Prevention Tips

Although professional pest control Vancouver service providers may not approve any of these tips, they can still be useful. Basically, you can try to discourage mosquitoes and other pests by placing things or smells they don’t like. Some important mosquito infestation prevention tips include:

  • Grow some mosquito repellent plants in your garden like catnip and marigolds. They are not 100% mosquito repellent but do the job nicely when fully grown. 
  • Use mosquito repellent oils across the house including lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, thyme oil and Greek catnip oil. Sprinkle tiny amounts wherever you can.
  • Make sure to remove any stagnant water holds across the garden, lawn, backyard or any storage areas. Pet bowls, birdbaths, tires, stationary vehicles and many other things can collect some good amount of water. 
  • Use mosquito eliminating sprays when you get the chance. Make sure to have no people, kids or pets around in the room when you spray them as they can be lethal.

When You Need Professional Help?

Not all mosquito infestation problems can be handled with such homemade remedies. When you already have large-scale mosquito infestations going on, only professional help can be useful. Make sure to call your local pest control Langley service providers when you have too many bugs roaming around.

Other safe times to call these service providers are always the start of spring, ending of it, and then regularly. Monthly visits and mosquito removals can be the perfect periods. You need to make sure their populations don’t grow in your property. Professionals know where to look and what to do.