Why Morganite is perfect for your wedding ring option?

A ring is a ring in which there is widespread debate about whether to stay classic and be true to things that have passed the test with time or, on the other hand, to test new and fresh ideas. Most women who dream of their future engagement ring imagine big, squat diamonds, as they don’t even think of many alternatives out there. Suffice it to say that other gemstones often make a big impression on others, as it will likely make even the most curious eye contemplate the size of a particular color, shape, or cut. Morganite is one of the newest treasures to be found in sweet doubts when choosing an engagement ring.

The origin of pink joy

As a basis for beryl, You can say that its distant and distant cousins ​​include emerald and aquamarine. While you may not get initial correspondence about the gemstones mentioned chemically, they are all beryllium aluminum cyclosilicates. It was discovered in Madagascar at the beginning of the last century and named after one of the most influential businessmen of the time, JP Morgan. Decades later, an actual Morganite treasure chest mined in the Maine area of ​​the United States. It is here that the biggest’ morganite rock was found, which gave rise to the name “Rose of Maine” However, today Brazil, is the birthplace of the largest morganite.

The delicate, reddish rose color comes thanks to the magnesium ion. However, large amounts of raw morganite have additional yellow and orange hues. Therefore, it often has to be treated with heat treatment that reduces these pigments and enhances the rose color. Naturally, on the Mohs scale, it is slightly softer than diamonds. However, since Mohs hardness is 8, it shouldn’t be called soft’.

Morganite -specific background

Like all gemstones, special meaning and use are assigned to this stone as well. Apart from the obvious, whoever received as a gift from someone special, morganite has a more general symbolism. The hue of pink gives a romantic and vintage vibe to the morganite rings that are perfect for one-off events like engagement. While other gemstones; sometimes look cooler due to their colored background (like aquamarine, diamonds, etc.) Morganite is all about the color of love, sensuality, and innocence.

Spiritually, morganite deems to spread a happy aura around the wearer and cause a few euphorias every time he sees it. It shows the world that you are a caring and affectionate person who is ready to lead the world should wear this stone. Apart from the delicacy of the environment, it is also an energy shock from time to time that brings joy to daily activities and schedules.

Morganite – the most modern option

While this is not a trend, it is a trend that is sure to catch on shortly as morganite is gaining some popularity among Millennial and Generation Z brides. It should be in your mind that the love for morganite is growing and among others Generation.

So the question is: why would you choose morganite as the gemstone for an engagement ring, like an exceptional pair of earrings for the occasion you want to invest in, or even as the main decoration of your new necklace? The answer is simple: it radiates love with its colors and complex aspects.  Second, there is an interesting paradox; although morganite is rarer than famous engagement gemstones like diamonds. However, morganite prices are much lower than diamond prices for obvious economic and demand reasons. But who knew, like anything in society and the outdoors, that your engagement jewelry choice might move and change in the future, and you’ll end up with a luxurious vintage morganite gem? Well, given the current uniqueness trend, that is a pretty possible prediction.

Tips for taking care of your precious gemstones

The precious pink treasures need to be taken care of, but fortunately, morganite is not overly spoiled when it comes to their troubles. Cleaning is the foremost important thing to think about it. The good news is, morganite requires low maintenance when it comes to this item. All you need is warm soapy water and a scarf! Your morganite chunks are clean. Besides, ultrasonic cleaners only harm if the morganite has visible cracks.