Why Men Get Bald Early

Once you reach a certain age, you may realize that your hair will start receding. You may start wondering why this is happening and the exact cause of your thinning hair. You might also be wondering whether there is something you can do to reverse the balding process. Luckily, you have landed on the right site, as I will be categorical in explaining some of the reasons that cause men to get bald early. However, you need to understand that reversing the condition largely depends on its cause and the intervening factors.

Causes of Baldness in Men

A lot of men who experience baldness do so because of the hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia. The condition is commonly known as male pattern baldness. Recent studies show that more than 95% of hair loss among men is caused by androgenetic alopecia. In other words, there are genetics of men that are associated with baldness among men.  However, the inherited trend that causes people to have a receding hairline or crown thinning is usually initiated by genetic sensitivity to one of the byproducts of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Effects of DHT on hair Loss

You need to understand that hair follicles sensitive to DHT tend to shrink over time. In most cases, when the growth of this hair follicle is affected, its lifespan tends to reduce. Eventually, the affected hair follicle reduces and stops producing hair. There are cases where the hair produced by the affected follicle fails to reach its original maximum size.

Pattern of Baldness

The genetic or the hereditary factors that cause baldness typically follow predictable patterns. One of the most common patterns occurs when hair starts to thin on top of the head and around the temples. In most cases, the pattern leaves a horseshoe shape at the back of the head or around the sides. The other pattern starts with hair receding from the front of the hairline and pushes the hairline further to the backside of the head. You need to understand that this is the most common pattern that affects a higher percentage of men with baldness.

Age when Men Start losing hair

If you start losing hair, you need to draw some comfort from the fact that you are not alone. In other words, most men in society start experiencing hair loss at some stage in life. This means that it is a condition that should not cause any psychological trauma as it is common among men. However, recent statistics show that about 25 % of men who have hereditary factors that cause baldness start experiencing hair loss at 21 years. However, by the age of 35 years, more than 66% of men will have experienced some degree of baldness. In addition, by the age of 50, more than 85% of men experience a significant loss of hair. The condition acts as an added advantage to most men at this age since the art of maintaining hair becomes burdensome with time.

In a nutshell, most men get baldness by being carriers of hereditary factors and reacting to the effects of testosterone hormone. However, some medications are known to increase the degree to which baldness occurs among men.