When we choose a bed for our bedroom, the first thing we look for in buying a bed is comfort and stylized design, which is a basic and necessary thing for any bed. While choosing a good design, we often overlook another basic thing, which is the height of the bed. The height of the mattress also adds up to the overall height of the bed.

The Comfortability

Your comfort in the bed, among other things, highly depends upon the height of the bed. It is important that with how much ease you get in or get out of the bed. The low feet bed is very easy for you to get in and get out of it with comfort.

The Bed Height

The bed height should be in correlation to your height. The average knee height of an adult human is from 16 to 24 inches. The height of the bed including the frame and the mattress should be around that figure. It should neither be too high nor it should be too low because if it is too high your legs will have to take extra pressure to lift your upper body while getting out of the bed, and in this process, it can strain your muscles.

If the bed is too high where your feet do not touch the ground when sitting on the bed then you will jump in the bed every time you want to get up on the bed and similarly you will have to jump out of the bed when you get out of it. This can have a bad effect on the knee joints, especially for elderly people.

Different types of Low foot beds

There are different types of beds available in the market which along with being stylish, are also good at height. For instance, the low foot beds of the following type;

  • Low foot Chesterfield beds
  • Low foot Ottoman beds
  • Low foot Sleigh beds
  • Low foot Winged beds

These beds along with being very luxurious and stylish offer a good height from the ground to be able to feel comfortable while getting in or getting out of the bed.

When buying a stylish product for your bedroom the comfort should be the foremost thing to look for, especially when buying the bed. The comfort not just for you sleep but also for getting in and getting should not disturb your joints fitness and your well-being in the long run.

 The ottoman beds come with extra storage built-in their frames which might make you think that they are big in height but it’s quite the contrary. The ottoman bed frames are on the ground level and very low to increase the storage underneath the mattress. Including the mattress, they are at a very good height from the ground. The average height is not more than 25 inches from the ground including the mattress which is in accordance with the average knee height.

Age is a factor

The height of the bed has a lot of effect on the joints of elderly people. Getting in and getting out of the bed put the knee joints under stress to cause pain in the joints. So, the low foot beds are the solution to this problem. They are just at the height where when they are in a sitting position and their feet are touching the ground, the knees are in a straight position from their hip bones.

It is different for the children because of their age they do not get any bad effects while jumping in or getting out of bed because of the energy level in their bodies.

Now, let’s look at some key things about these beds:

A modern look:

These beds look more modern than the high foot bed design. This is a very good reason for buying them for your new apartment or your bedroom in any type of house which you are living in. They come in very beautiful, elegant and luxurious designs, so choose them according to your choice of décor.

No-Risk involved

The low foot beds are very safe, especially for little children. They don’t come with the risk of falling down the bed. Little children like to jump on the beds while playing. As you probably hear the poem;

“Five little monkeys jumping in the bed.”

In this poem, the monkeys fall from the bed and bump their heads and get injured. The mamma calls the doctor and the doctor advises them’

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

Now, think if the bed was not too high, then the risk factor would be minimal, So the point is that it is safe for children to play and jump on the low footbeds.

There are so many things to be taken into consideration while choosing a bed for your bedroom. The design, The fabrics, the décor of your room etc. All these things matter a lot but choosing the right height for your bed is one of the key things to consider for your comfort and well-being.