Lotto247 is getting the rapid attention of gamblers and is trending in India as it allows players to take part in international lotteries. This service of the website is bringing a huge change to the gambling business in India. Lotteries are very much famous in India with a high population that takes part in it every day. Look at all the details about the Lotto247 app to understand the hype it is getting and to try your chance on it too.

Lotto 247 – the reason for the hype

Lotto247 app operates in many countries, including India. In the past, Indian players were unable to take part in any international lottery and win big amounts. They were only restricted to the lotteries that happen within the country. These lotteries have always been a huge source of entertainment and tradition for people of all age groups. Now anyone from India can play at this website and can take part in any lottery without any price or award limitations. As it is a licensed website with a variety of payment methods, you do not have to worry about your money. Look at some of the features you can enjoy at this casino.

Promotions and bonuses at Lotto247

The promotional offers and the bonuses of the lotto247 application are the same as present on the website. It is convenient for the players to play on the application to have a perfect user-friendly layout. As per the professionals of, you will find some best and most amazing features in this casino. Look at more promotions that you can enjoy on this website.

Cashback offer

There are three types of cashback offers at this casino. The first is direct cashback which means that a bonus is credited to the player’s account right after the deposit the made.

The second offer is staggered cashback in which the player receives the bonus afterward and gets the details about it in their official mail. To claim this award, you can find it on the page “My offers’ present on the casino.

Tired cashback is the third offer of cashback in which the player gets a high percentage of the amount back in their e-wallet. This amount is also given after a while when you keep playing in the casino for some time.

Discount offers

If you play the lottery where the entry lottery is less than the original price. There are some specific lotteries in which you can take part. There is one on-site discount that you can see once you log in to the website. The discounted offers are present on every lottery, which you can see before you select the one that you want to play. Some lotteries have discounts at the checkout; once you are done selecting the numbers while paying for the offer, players can get a surprise discount.

Sign up offers

The sign-up offer also referred to as the welcome bonus, is for all the new players. Every player who registers and log-in to the website for the first time has to make a deposit to avail of the 50% deposit bonus. This bonus can be used on any lottery of your choice. To take part in this offer, the minimum deposit limit is €8, and the maximum bonus that you can get is €300.

Buy and get offers at Lotto247 India

You will always come across buy and get offers at this casino that is for all the players. These offers are often available at the application, and you will also receive the email for these promotions so that you never miss the chance to take part in them.

These offers often include buying one get one free offer. For example, if you buy two Powerball entries, you will get 1 free. Sometimes the free one is of a different lottery where you get a chance to experience a new lottery with free entry.

How to play the lottery at Lotto247 India

As you already know everything about the offers and the promotions that you can enjoy, now here is the process of how you can take part in the lottery. The website has used high-end technology and software to make it very easy for players to play. The process is simple, just follow the simple steps and take part in some big winnings by trying your luck with numbers.

Deposit the amount

You need to have enough funds in the casino’s e-wallet to take part in any lottery. Try to make a high deposit for the very first time so that you enjoy the welcome bonus and take part in any lottery you want.

Selection of lottery

Select any lottery that you want to take part in. There is a wide variety so chose after looking at the terms and conditions before you enter the game.

Select the numbers of the lottery yourself

Once you have selected the lottery, you want to be a part of it. Then you will find two options to further select from, choose the number yourself or go for auto-generate. One option is to select the number yourself first and then select its bonus ball.

Select the lottery number with a quick pick

If you want to go for the auto-generated number, then go for a quick pick. If you are in a hurry or have no clue which numbers to select, then go for this option. Every lottery has the option of how many entries you are looking for. You can make a minimum of one entry and can have a maximum of 20 entries in one lottery. Taking more entries will surely increase your chances of winning.

Edit the numbers

Before the lottery starts, there is also the option of editing your number in case you want to. There are a lot of players who often get the gut feeling that the number they are making the prediction upon is wrong, so they should shift. In case you ever get that thought then just click on the selected number. After the selection, it will turn white and will give you the option to enter a new number.

In case you want to clear the entire number, then there is also an option of a trash bin that will clear everything so that you can write from the start.

Make final conformation

Once you have made up your mind about the number you want to go with, then take a look at the summary of the purchase and make final confirmation by clicking on “play now”.

Payment methods

In India, this casino is getting very famous not only because of the lottery but because of the payment options. There are a lot of casinos in which Indian players can play but not all of them have easy and quick payment methods. At this casino, you can find the following options to deposit the amount and withdraw your winnings.

  • Visa card
  • Master card
  • Rupay Payments
  • UPI
  • Netbanking
  • G Pay 

Quick facts on the success of Lotto 247 in India

Indian players love to try their luck in lotteries which is a great source of entertainment for them. It was difficult for them in the past to take part in major international lotteries, but Lotto 247 made it possible for them. Now as all the Indian players can easily take part, deposit, and win the amount at these lotteries so they are loving the website.