Why Kingdom Valley Housing Society is Good for Raising Family

Everyone wants a life that gives them peace and a stress-free environment. In addition to this, everyone wants to raise their family in an environment that offers them a quality lifestyle and security where they can live according to their desires. 

But how to know that the specific environment or living area is best for your family or best to raise your kids?  And what factors are needed to raise your family in a good environment?

All these questions arise in the mind of investors when they think about investment for residential concerns because they look for secure and comfortable living areas for their families.

The answer to these questions is quite simple. An investor can easily get a housing society or a living environment where they can give their family a good and secure lifestyle, but for that, they need to consider a few factors which include the overall environment of the housing society e.g how many families are living there, what kind of facilities the society offering including educational institutions, healthcare centres, playgrounds, a commercial zone for regular shopping, mosques to offer religious practice, eco-friendly environment, sports activities, availability of electricity, gas and water and availability of security to have a secure life. All these factors are highly important to raise your family in a good environment.

Therefore, in the last few years, the inception of multiple housing societies has taken place in different major cities of Pakistan among which Islamabad and Rawalpindi are on the trending list where the largest number of housing societies have developed in the last 5 years. 

Without a doubt, all these housing societies including Blue World City, Nova City, Capital Smart City, Park View City and Kingdom Valley Islamabad housing societies are the priority housing societies providing all these facilities to raise your family in a good environment.

Idea for Raising Families

As mentioned above, Islamabad-Rawalpindi has become the main hotspot of many housing projects that offer residential and commercial and are owned by well-known and well-reputed developers and builders. Among all ongoing projects, we will discuss why kingdom valley is good to raise families by giving them a secure and good environment.

Kingdom Valley is basically a recently opened low-cost housing project supported by Kingdom Group close to the Chakri Interchange on Motorway M-2 Islamabad. The Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency has given it its proper approval (PHATA). While development activities have just begun at the project site, the society is presently offering residential and commercial plot files in convenient instalments.

As a result of being registered under the Prime Minister’s ambitious” Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme”, Kingdom Valley provides low-cost residential plots, farmhouse plots, commercial plots, and tiny houses at reasonable costs with a flexible instalments plan for low-income families in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Despite the affordable rates, Kingdom Valley is ready to fulfil modern development standards by adding cutting-edge smart technologies for a beautiful living environment.

Kingdom Valley Housing Society Developers

Kingdom Group is the owner and developer of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The CEO and Chairman of Kingdom Group is Ghulam Hussain Shahid. The company was founded in Lahore, where it has spent the last 20 years working on significant development initiatives.

To bring the concept to life on the ground, Kingdom Group has used its ten years of experience and technical know-how. Therefore, it seeks to provide the best living facilities at very reasonable pricing for the citizens of the twin cities.

Kingdom Valley Housing Society Location

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location is a prime location because it is located at the main Chakri road near to Chakri interchange and M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway.

Kingdom Valley Housing Society NOC

Naya Pakistan Housing Program has issued a valid NOC to Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The registration is under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Kingdom Valley’s NOC approval number is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.

Although the Rawalpindi Development Authority has not yet given its NOC, investing in society is generally safe. Following PHATA’s issuing of the NOC, the development work has already started, therefore the project is anticipated to be delivered on schedule.

Factors Offering by Kingdom Valley Housing Society to Provide a Good Family Environment

As already mentioned above, a few factors a mandatory to have a good and secure lifestyle that helps in raising your family in a specific housing society. Therefore, we will discuss all those factors offered by Kingdom Valley. 

1. Authentic Housing Society

The authenticity of the society is highly important for residential purpose investment where you have to raise your family because security is always the first priority of almost every investor, therefore Kingdom Valley is the best option in regard to legal status and authenticity because it is 100 per cent NOC approved housing society under Naya Pakistan Housing Society.

2. Friendly Environment

As the overall concept of Kingdom Valley housing society is based on the provision of affordable price range to all those families who want their own residence, therefore society offers a family atmosphere where you can easily trust your neighbours and can build healthy relations with them because the moto of the society is the provision of residential facilities to families.

3. Educational Institutions

For a better future for your children, society has built multiple educational institutions with highly qualified staff where your children can get quality education and friendly peer groups.

4. Availability of Healthcare Centres

Kingdom Valley housing society has built healthcare centres where you can take your family members in case of emergency or in any complicated situation.

5. Availability of Commercial Zone

Availability of commercial is highly important for the families living in kingdom Valley for get basic necessities of life, therefore Kingdom Valley has developed a huge commercial zone where you will have everything that is necessary for daily living.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, a bundle of factors is needed to raise a family in a good environment and fortunately, Kingdom Valley has won the hearts of almost every investor by offering them all those facilities that help them to raise their families in Kingdom Valley.