Why it’s important to stay legal in another country.

Many of us move away from our country of origin because we don’t like it there and so we want to move to a better place that doesn’t have the cultural hang-ups and allows us to live our lives more freely. The funny thing is that when we get to these other countries, we get frustrated when we can’t do the things that would normally be quite straightforward in our country of origin. One example of this is the ability to work and to support yourself and even though you may be married to a national of that particular country, the government there doesn’t allow you to take on a job unless you have the requisite paperwork and you follow the rules. In many Asian countries, the rules are there to be followed but the ambiguity around them makes applying for a work permit very difficult indeed.

This is why people look for a service provider that can provide them with a work permit in Thailand that allows them to work legally and do everything by the book. For those of you who think that this is just more bureaucracy put in front of you to make your life more difficult then you need to think again because it is there to protect both you and your employer. The following are just some of the reasons why a work permit is so important.

  1. It provides legal protection – When you have a work permit in your hand, it indicates that employment rules and regulations have been followed and that your application has been looked over by a competent official. It is important that governments protect jobs for their citizens and to make sure that other nationals are working in the country that they pay their way by making contributions to the system in the form of social security and tax. You need to conduct your business properly and follow the rules.
  1. It proves you are legal – It is not unusual for people from the labour office to visit places of work to make sure that the people who are working there are legal and that they have followed all of the necessary rules. If you’re working in any establishment and you are approached by a labour office official, it gives you great peace of mind knowing that you can prove you are there legally and you do have the right to work. IT means that you can enjoy your working holiday more.

If you want to assimilate into a new culture and you want to be accepted by the locals there, then it makes perfect sense that if you want to work you will make sure that you follow all of the rules and regulations that are in place. The rules are there to protect both you and your employer so rest assured that a work permit is there for your benefit. If an employer offers you a job and declines to get you a work permit then this is a job that you should walk away from immediately because you can get yourself into a lot of trouble.