Every artist has an ultimate goal that revolves around the success of one of their songs, albums, or even a cover. However, goals can’t be achieved without effort. One of the best ways to become a successful artist is by utilizing the Spotify playlist placement feature. Spotify placement is a service that allows you to customize your song to fit a particular audience and music genre. With playlist placement, music curators listen to your song and then decide which playlist it is best suited for and upload it there. 

Artists use various platforms for playlist placements, this is because most listeners tend to download playlists on popular platforms and then use that as a filter for which artists they prefer. Automatically, the algorithm that provides them with their music preference begins to show them more music related to that particular musician. 

How to Get Your Song Featured on The Right Playlist

When it comes to getting featured on playlists, there are two ways to make it possible. You can either:

  • Submit the Song Directly to Spotify
    When artists decide to go DIY on promotions, their best bet for getting a playlist placement is by submitting their songs to Spotify directly. This requires them to have a Spotify account and also to have a good number of followers that will listen to, and share their playlist. Submitting a song directly for placement might also require the musician to create a playlist that features other artists’ music.
  • Get a Curator to Feature Your Song on Their Playlist
    Curators are music influencers that have a large number of followers who basically check their pages for new playlists to listen to. When musicians want to feature on a curator’s playlist, it usually requires some form of payment for the transaction. Curators are usually independent influencers who have lots of followers on their preferred music platform and also on their social media pages. 

How to Get Curators to Place You on Their Playlists

Curators usually provide a method to send them requests on their profiles. But, the artist may need to be able to write a pitch that’s both suitable for the medium of communication and a good selling point for their music. The most important part of whichever method an artist uses to share their music is that their track is attached to the pitch. 

This form of pitching blindly to a curator is known as cold mailing. However, it isn’t always a viable method because your messages might get lost among thousands of others. 
There are multiple ways you can make your own pitch stand out. Some of them include:

The internet offers a wide range of music promotion services that can come as cheap as $10. For those artists on a budget, you can get a promotion service to help you get on a curator’s playlist. Furthermore, with some promotion services, artists can simply send their tracks without needing to bother about creating a pitch or selling their content to the right curators. 

What to Look Out For When Trying to Get A Good Playlist Placement

Playlist placements are a great way to carry out self-advertising. However, like every good thing, they come with their downsides. The best way to maximize the upsides is to ensure that you’re adequately prepared to deal with the downsides. To help artists that have decided to follow the DIY path, here’s a guide on how to get the best out of your promotions and playlist placements.

Release Music on Multiple Online Platforms

You know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket. Well, it is important for upcoming artists to upload their music on multiple streaming platforms. This helps them to feature on playlists that are spread across a worldwide audience. Furthermore, it increases their popularity and makes it easier for people to find them on their preferred streaming sites.

Verify Your Accounts

It is important for artists to ensure that they follow through with all verification procedures. Promotions sometimes involve selling merchandise and people won’t patronize an artist they can’t trust. Furthermore, it is easier to get on playlists when people know who you are and they can vouch for you. 

Don’t Go Through Third Parties When You’re Uncertain

There are a number of reasons why musicians choose to upload their music directly on Spotify. Fear of being scammed, lack of financial resources, and ease of access are some of the reasons. It is better to directly submit your musical content to Spotify when you’re not sure about the curators or promoters you want to use.