Why is Windows the best option to choose for your Reseller Hosting Business?


Reseller Hosting has become the most prevalent choice for web developers, web designers, and the ones selling to start their own hosting business online. They all are tilted towards generating the maximum profit in the web hosting industry. The reseller web hosting can find you the easy gateway to build or expand Internet business. You will require to make a very low investment comparatively, and reseller hosting will let you create revenue from a small portion of the web services market. Also, to successfully create the reseller hosting business, you will not need to possess a lot of technical knowledge or expertise.

To begin the reseller hosting business, you must decide the type of operating system you want to run at the base of reseller hosting. Here you will get insights into one of the most famous choices – Windows Reseller Hosting. In the subsequent sections, you can find the significant reasons behind people opting for reseller windows hosting and also about the renowned web hosting company rendering you the same. But before anything else, let us comprehend first about the windows reseller hosting and how it works. 

What is Windows Reseller Hosting?

In windows reseller hosting, the leading web hosting provider offers windows hosting reseller packages that you utilize as a reseller and further resell the hosting service to your end customers. You will not have to purchase a single web server to initiate a regular income with web hosting. You will only have to buy a predefined hosting package from a reliable web hosting company and then can resell the server web space and resources as a value-added service to host your customers’ website. There are many windows hosting reseller packages that come up with unlimited disk space, emails, and bandwidth. They will allow you to scale your reseller business effortlessly. 

Being a windows hosting reseller, you get the charge of reselling storage, domain registrations, databases, FTP, and email accounts. Moreover, you get the privilege to customize your own windows reseller web hosting packages incorporating various other benefits and sell them at your set own prices while branding the service as your own.

Top Reasons to Choose Windows Platform for your Reseller Hosting Business 

Top reasons to choose Windows platform for your reseller hosting business

The very first question that must come up in your mind is which platform to pick up while beginning windows reseller web hosting. Choosing a platform is determined by the features and services provided by it for the hosting purpose. If you are planning to begin with your reseller hosting business, it will be best if you pick the windows reseller hosting service. 

This is because of the extensive services, features, and tools it renders. The Windows platform has a wide range of benefits that also extend to reseller hosting as well. Whether it is about desktop setting or the server environment, Windows has consistently been best known for enabling excellent user experience and customer-friendly options.

The Windows reseller hosting platform is much valued for its power and comprehensive set of tools. Opting for reseller windows hosting unlimited, you will have the opportunity to offer long-term, lasting professional web hosting services. Therefore, the windows reseller web hosting plan is a very popular choice among numerous hosting resellers. Furthermore, Windows reseller hosting incorporates many other privileges and advantages that you typically can not acquire from any other kind of reseller hosting service.

Here are some of the principal reasons that tell how Windows reseller hosting is the best and effective option for your hosting business. 

  • The Windows reseller hosting provides a platform that is straightforward to utilize and gives users customer-friendly options and tools. Most of the Windows reseller hosting packages include ASP and ASP.NET that are not supported efficiently on other hosting platforms. Both are tremendously powerful technologies and enable users to build extremely rich, dynamic websites and Internet applications. Moreover, ASP.NET also renders you the capability to deploy content management systems such as DotNetNuke and Rainbow Portals.
  • The Windows reseller hosting will let you operate applications formulated in many programming languages, including PHP and MySQL.
  • With Windows reseller hosting, you will have access to products such as ActiveSync and SmarterMail. They serve the great purpose for marketing and experiencing recurring dividends from your reseller account.
  • On the other side, you will be able to take the benefit of MS SQL. It is an efficient, all-inclusive server database management system that enables users to manage, organize and analyze critical business data.
  • The Windows reseller hosting also provides you with the option of using products such as Windows Mobile, SmarterMail, and Push Technology.
  • There is one unique thing about Windows reseller hosting. It is that you will not be required to build multiple accounts to maintain the database of your clients. With the Windows reseller hosting, you will have a single easy-to-use control panel. This control panel will assist you in keeping track of your customers. This way, you will get to save a lot of money and time.

The discussed above top six reasons have succeeded in stating how a Windows reseller hosting is counted under the list of highly profitable online businesses. You can resell any Windows reseller hosting services at competitive rates while accommodating your customers with a chance of utilizing a vast array of cutting-edge technologies.

Build a competitive and successful Windows Reseller Hosting Business with Wisesolution 

It is very crucial to find the best windows reseller hosting provider to run a competitive and successful Windows reseller hosting business. To make your task a little easy, let us introduce you to one of the leading windows reseller hosting service providers – WiseSolution

Wise Solution is the fastest-growing and renowned web hosting company that renders the best and cheap windows reseller hosting service. You will acquire the following facilities from the company to let your reseller hosting business advance in the minimum time period- 

  • You can host unlimited websites.
  • Your company will acquire the 100% White Labeled System.
  • You will acquire 100% SSD storage.
  • The company also provides a free website builder. 
  • Your website will get DDoS protection. 

Plans and Prices 

The Wise Solutions offers a considerable range of unlimited Windows reseller hosting packages. Each windows reseller hosting plan comes up with the cheap rate and flexible services. You also have the option to customize them according to your reseller business requirements. Every windows reseller hosting plan comprises 24/7 technical assistance from the company’s certified and experienced professionals.


The Wise Solution renders the best Windows reseller hosting service. You do not have to go just by the words. You can experience it without taking any risk as the company offers a seven days money-back guarantee with all its windows reseller hosting plans., unlike the other web hosting providers that offer 30 days money-back guarantee. So, with the Wise Solution, you acquire the best money return policy. The company, on the other side, provides 100% site uptime assurance with round-the-clock server monitoring services. You will be able to pick the fine-tune processors and meticulous architecture hardware to experience seamless and optimized performance with the best in class network connectivity. Check out the company’s official website to grab more information about its facilities and services.

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