Why Is The Number Of Young Adults Suffering From Depression Increasing In 2022?

The levels of adults suffering from depression in the United States are rising. Many factors are contributing to this, from the COVID-19 lockdowns to the economy’s poor performance.

If you are the parent or friend of a teenager who’s suffering from depression, investigating the root causes of their mental illness can help you to come up with solutions to help them to work through their issues.

It is also important to note that while there are indeed societal causes for America’s elevated depression rates, there are also highly personal and individualized causes, too.

This post will address all of this and more, explaining why so many people are suffering from depression today.


Before beginning, it’s first important to recommend seeing a psychiatrist. If your loved one’s suffering from depression, then find a psychiatrist and contact them today, so that they can get help. The longer you wait to get your loved one help, the worse their problems will become. A psychiatrist which you can check at InSite Health’s website will be able to get to the bottom of your loved one’s problems a lot more effectively than you will, not to mention they can prescribe medication or recommend forms of treatment.


A lot of young people aren’t in employment (or aren’t able to find employment). However, despite the widespread lack of employment, many young people are still pressured by their friends and by society to go out and eat, party, and spend money. The pressure on young people to have money, despite there not being any jobs for them, for obvious reasons, makes their lives very difficult. That said, many employers are now starting to offer young people much more competitive salaries, in order to encourage them to get into work.


During the pandemic, a lot of young people were forced to isolate themselves at home with their families. While this was a delight for a lot of them, for others it wasn’t. Teenagers and young adults were unable to see their boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and classmates. The absence of these people in their lives drove a lot of them crazy. What made things worse was the fact that they still had to study from home, but were unable to go outside and let off steam. Many people first developed depression during the pandemic due to these things, but their depression has persisted despite the pandemic being declared ‘over’ by U.S. President Joe Biden.

Social Media

Finally, social media plays a very large role in many young people’s depression. Lots of young people feel as though they have to look and act a certain way in order to impress their peers. It is also worth noting that social media has set beauty and lifestyle standards very high, almost at unachievable levels. Young people today are very concerned with the things that they have and how they look because of this. Rampant consumerism coupled with a lack of employment has left many young people extremely depressed.

The number of young adults suffering from depression today is higher than ever, sadly. There is no one cause of this. Rather, there are many. It should also be restated that a lot of young people’s depression lies in their individual circumstances, rather than society.