Why is Quora Blocking the user?

Quora is a famous platform based on asking, answering and commenting on the question. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Similarly, its policies are also increasing day by day. There are specific policies for each website so that no person can disrespect and trick another person or nation.

As the number of users increases day by day, the tendency to disobey its policy is rising. Therefore, to protect the policy’s accuracy, the accounts of those who violate the rules are blocked in different ways for a few days. 

Quora block from answering the question:

If a user’s answer is incorrect and insincere, none of his answers is of any benefit or inconsistent with the question. Then he is blocked so that he can no longer answer. Moreover, if harassment is expressed in his answers or if any other nation is disrespected, he will be blocked from giving answers. Besides, it can happen if the user provides the same answer to a question or answers by copy and paste. As a result, the user cannot answer, or there is a daily limit for answering. 

Quora block from asking the question:

If a user’s question is incorrect, inconsistent, or if the question expresses harassment and insincerity. Then, he is blocked from being questioned. This can happen even if he uses a fake name and does biased or spamming questions. As a result, the user cannot do any questions or a daily limit for questioning.

Quora temporarily block the user:

If a user breaks any Quora policy or has an issue in his behaviour, such as breaching the policy, he is temporarily blocked, and his account is disabled. For example, if a user makes any answer, question, or comment that underestimates the linguistic or cultural factor of a nation, then he is temporarily blocked.

Quora block from editing:

If a user violates Quora’s policy by editing his previous answer or question, he is blocked. He will not be able to comment on any questions or answers, nor will he be able to edit his own questions or answers. 

Quora block for naming:

It has a real name policy. It has some justifications for its policy. Many people run many accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram without a real name; it does not violate any of the rules of this app. But since Quora has a real name policy, users must open a bulk Quora account using their own name. Otherwise, if the app authorities are aware of the matter, they can block the user. In this case, the user’s account looks invalid.


Though Quora blocks the user bulk Quora account to protect their policy, that is only for few days, and the account is temporarily blocked. We must ensure that we do not violate any policy or harass anyone with our own answers, questions, comments while using Quora. If this happens unintentionally and the account is blocked, then another valid account can be opened; the real name or the corresponding name must be used in choosing the name.  Moreover, if the account is blocked, he will wait for a while because it will be unblocked automatically. An account will not be blocked for more than two weeks.