Why Is Content The SEO King?

Great content is the starting point for the yellow-brick road to organic search visibility, traffic, and rankings. It can be optimized to seek better leads, and it can ensure sustainable growth over the long term. 

But the trope, ‘content is the SEO king,’ is often confused as being an empty claim with little to zero face value. If you have been looking at the search engine marketing trends for the last couple of months or years, the significance of content has been emphasized at every step of the way. 

Since it can engage the reader and also increase the number of quality links from other sites, high-quality content can work wonders for your SEO strategy. 

The companies who choose to invest their time in content research and the execution of a compelling content strategy to ensure desirable results can yield the three primary benefits of excellent content: 

  • Reader engagement
  • Boost in Search Engine Rankings
  • High-quality links

Many marketers confuse content as the conversation starter, but in truth, content is the conversation itself. Almost a gigabyte of information is received on a daily basis. But the human brain cannot process all the data it is exposed to on a daily basis. This is why the things that stand out are the only ones we truly remember. 

Whether it is the shade of purple from the Cadbury Dairy Milk ads or the tint of Rausch from the Airbnb website, we tend to remember visual clues very well as opposed to reading things. But does that disqualify content from the throne of the SEO monarchy?

This is something we will explore in the rest of this article.  

What Content Does For A Company?

If you take a glance at the performance of companies around the world, the common trend of depending on popularity for traffic can be easily recognized. Most brands, regardless of their size, believe that their social media or claim to fame is enough to get the ball of on-site traffic rolling. 

In an ideal case, the efforts utilized to build a brand can be considered as a crutch to become known in the public eye, but when you have a strong competition doing something similar, then you would require not only a better strategy but also some form of defense. 

In either of these cases, the content written under your name can make a world of difference. Every page on your website, every blog post, and even the most minuscule posts on social media fall under the all-encompassing umbrella of content marketing. 

The bigger brands in any industry can be seen ignoring the significance of high-quality content on product pages. They choose to upload high-quality photographs for all of the products and goods without using any words in the description that could possibly help them rank higher. 

Just the name of the product and its price is not enough to gain any brownie points from the search engine. You need to fight over keywords from your competition so that your content is deemed meaningful for the target audience that could potentially be interested in your competitor’s products as well. 

Practical Implications Of Content’s Monarchy

Imagine yourself in a consumer’s spot. 

You are planning to go on a tour of the Mediterranean lands and waters. You start looking for tourist packages on Google to find one that fits your budget and time requirements. You came across Company A that has a few beautiful shots of Turkey with a brief description of the cities you can visit with their group and a few more practical details of the tour. 

On the other hand, you have Company B. They have a strong description of the Mediterranean Seas, flavors, and cultures. It presents the tour as a holiday and celebrates the essence of life. Instead of advertising a few shots of Turkey, this company offers an exclusive cruise trip from Turkey to Greece to Malta. With small images and videos that show the wonderful things that await you on their slightly pricey trip.

What would you choose?

When you looked for ‘Mediterranean Trips from my city,’ you came across the most highly rated websites on the first page. While the top searches included the practically poignant Company A, the aesthetically pleasing Company B was the one scoring all the conversions. 

While both the companies had posted ‘content,’ only Company B was successful in the long term. 

Why do you think that happened? 

This is because the company had not just invested in content writing services, which indeed are integral to the SEO, but had presented a complete experience to the target audience. They had presented an exclusive and valuable experience that could replenish energy, rejuvenate creativity, and reset the circadian rhythm for travelers

When you take a subjective approach that is subtle and sweet, then you can easily outrun the blatant advertisements. The use of meaningful content that adds value to your life can potentially change the game for link building and SEO on any website or online asset for a company. 

How Content Gains Superiority?

Content strategies changed once and for all at the start of the 2010s. Marketers were quick to realize that the consumer mindset is undergoing a seismic shift that would require an improved approach towards experiences that make a difference in the life of the consumer. 

From a basic product like the brand of milk you add to your tea to the type of vacuum cleaner you choose for your home, each choice is directed by the visualization and brand perceptions you have gained from strategic branding and content strategies. 

A vast majority of marketers are under the false perception that Google Ads is the most straightforward route to better results, but the truth begs to differ. Apparently, only 20 percent of Google Ads heed results as most of the consumer dynamics depend on the quality of content which achieves the SEO goals

Companies that fail to understand the significance of content call it a myth that content alone could possibly yield any positive results. What they do not grasp is the fact that content is the ultimate combination of narration, keywords, quality links, and visual aids that work in tandem to help your brand name grow in the minds of the intended audience. 

Pauper Warning: What to Beware of? 

Content may be the SEO king, but relevance is the regent that helps it remain in power. If you start mass-producing millions of words with no relevance to your target audience, then there is no use of an SEO strategy or content marketing scheme. 

If you take measured steps towards curating a balance of relevance and value, only then can you achieve the esteemed position of authority over your target audience? Once the audience is established through the tone of voice and type of content you upload, then you can easily influence them towards your own wares. 

The goal is to improve SEO and not spam the website with stuff and nonsense!

Final Takeaways

If there is one myth about content marketing and SEO that we would like to burst right away is about consistency. While a large chunk of marketing gurus claim that consistency is the key to success in content marketing, the truth is that there is no statistic to back this claim!

There is only one thing that your content must do to help you win a larger share of the market. And that is to be awe-inspiringly beautiful so that it compels the target audience to take action while they are still reading your web copy!

It is as simple and as complicated as that!