Why is CISA Certification Important?

You landed on this article means you are interested in Information Systems Auditing; isn’t it?

You have reached the right place as this article will tell you about CISA and why is it most feasible to go with CISA training in Dubai to become one.

CISA or Certified Informations Systems Auditor is the most sought-after certification. It is considered the global standard for IT professionals in the field of information systems, specifically, audit, control, and security.

The simple straight reason for going with CISA certification is the lucrative salaries organizations offer for performing their audit and providing security to their systems. The average annual salary of a CISA certification holder is more than USD 110,000, according to ISACA.

What is CISA?

The Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA is issued by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), an international professional association emphasizing IT governance.

Currently, there are more than 151k CISA certification holders across the world.

The CISA credential is designed to validate your knowledge in information systems auditing, control, assurance, security, governance, and cybersecurity. CISA Certification in Berlin This credential is designed for IS and IT auditors who are responsible for evaluating the organization’s information systems to find out security threats. According to ISACA, this certification is advantageous for program managers, compliance analysts, risk analysts, security officers, data protection managers, and IT consultants.

The board members and directors of a company rely on their CISA certification holders to ensure that their business is properly protected against the risks of cybercrime. This is why CISA is still among the top five highest-paying certifications.

To get certified, you need to pass the CISA certification exam.

Understanding CISA


You can apply for the CISA certification exam if you have at least five years of professional experience in auditing, controlling, and securing or protecting information systems within the past ten years. Waivers are available for up to three years of professional experience if :

  • You have a maximum of one year of IS experience or one year of auditing in a non-IS domain.
  • You have the equivalent of two or four-year which can take the place of one or two years of experience respectively.
  • You have a master’s degree in IT or IS from an accredited university which can be substituted for one year of experience.


The CISA exam grading system goes on a scale of 200 to 800 points. You are required to earn a minimum score of 450 to pass the exam. There are 150 multiple-choice questions for which you are given four hours to answer.

The questions are based on five main domains in the information systems audit, control, and security. Those are:

Domain 1:Information systems audit process (21%)

Domain 2: IT governance and maintenance (17%)

Domain 3: Information Systems acquisition, development, and implementation (12%)

Domain 4: Information Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Service Management(23%)

Domain 5: Protecting information assets (27%)

You can notice that the CISA certification exam requires you to have enough experience in IS auditing and controlling, and the curriculum of CISA prepares you in-and-out of all the aspects of information systems security. This way the CISA certification validates your skills, knowledge, and expertise for IT auditing.

Importance of having CISA

The certifications always keep you ahead of non-certified candidates in whichever field you are in. CISA is no different. It keeps you stay different and ahead of other security personnel (non-certified ones). Let us explore the benefits of CISA.

  1. It’s a Niche market that needs experts

Since the IT market is constantly evolving, the demand for certified professionals is increasing in order to protect their information systems from cyber threats. When it comes to IT auditing, the first name to be considered is CISA. A CISA certification shows recruiters that you are perfectly skilled and expert in IT auditing, controlling, and securing the systems.

  1. It provides cutting edge of an evolving business landscape

IT auditing is perfect for you if you like to fight challenges and be on the front line of technology. For IT auditing, most companies have made CISA a prerequisite. So, this certification provides a cutting edge for you in this evolving business landscape.

  1. It pays you well

The certified candidates are always preferred over non-certified ones by the recruiters. The average annual salary of a CISA certified professional ranges between USD 88000 and USD 180,000. Can you believe that at the senior level after gaining more than 8 years of experience, you can earn as high as USD 2 million per year?

  1. Various Growth Opportunities

Information technology and systems are not going to slow down given that there are new applications built up every day. When you get your CISA certification, it enables you to get into senior or managerial levels.

With CISA, you can become an IT Auditor, Internal Audit Director, Information Security Manager, Information Security Analyst, or even Chief Information Security Officer.

  1. CISA is globally recognized

The CISA certification is globally recognized which marks you as a competent candidate on a global scale. The CISA credential will create the potential for a career and you can go for work abroad including in Dubai and other countries. With the globalization of the economy, you are also required to think and work on a global scale. A CISA certification proves that you are perfect for the job of IT and IS auditing.

  1. Code of Ethics

With CISA, you subscribe to the code of ethics that proves your professional and personal performance. Ethical behavior is required at every step of your career as a CISA professional.

The Wrap Up

At the end of this article, you are aware of the importance of CISA certification and what it is all about. So, what are you waiting for?

Start preparing for the CISA certification exam. But how?

The best and recommended step is to take up an online training course that allows you to learn staying in your comfort zone, gives you 24*7 teaching assistance and industry experts to teach you. Also, they provide authentic learning management systems and career guidance at the end.

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