Modern advanced technology has helped humans to reduce their work and efforts. But still, people are found to suffer from stress, tension and other issues that only seem to be growing with each passing day. Even children are not spared due to exam related woes and competition faced in their career. Previously, it was the elderly people who suffered from cardiac problems. But now, boys in their teens are found to experience cardiac arrests. The high performance scenario noticed in almost all aspects of life has normalized stress. Stressful conditions faced at the workplace have been contributing to massive health issues like heart attack. This is why, it becomes important to seek the best health insurance policy for heart patients in indiato stay financially protected and get proper and timely treatment.

Availing medical insurance policy

Nowadays, heart surgeries and related ailments are becoming common while the expenses to get treatment from the best hospitals seem to be skyrocketing. Hence, obtaining a medical insurance policy is no more a luxury, but a mandatory for the entire family. Fortunately, there are numerous health insurance policies easily available in the market. Hence, it is important to compare and understand the medical insurance billing features to make a well-informed choice.

Health insurance for heart diseases

Reports claim that in India, one among four deaths is caused due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) combined with stroke and ischemic heart disease. This itself contributes to about 80% of such death issues. Mortality in the country is mainly due to CVDs. Experts predict that this issue is likely to cause significant social and economic burden on the population. According to medical experts, cardiovascular diseases are considered to be a combination of stroke, different types of heart associated disease along with blood vessel ailments that nourishes the body parts.

Having insurance when you have a heart condition is extremely important. Also, if you want to pay less for entresto, you might want to consider joining a prescription advocacy program. These programs specialize in saving you money on these types of meds.

Studies have also revealed that Indians are more prone to contracting CVDs. Estimated CVD frequency in the country as per the report was approximately 54.5 million. CVD deaths have increased over the years to 3.7 million recorded in 2019 from 1.3 million in 1990. Half the deaths are primarily due to heart related ailments occurring in people below the age of 70 years. CVD is found to affect people especially during their lives’ productive years, thereby resulting in financial and social consequences. Studies further revealed that Indians when compared to other people across the globe are prone to die due to CVD by about 10 times. This is mainly because their genetic make-up. The other important factor for Indians to contract very high CVD risk is due to their lifestyle changes they have undergone in the last couple of decades.

Reasons for cardiac disease issues

There are several reasons cited for people to suffer from cardiac diseases. They are unhealthy diet, high cholesterol, air pollution, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Hence, it becomes important for people in this age bracket to consider working out and ensure a healthy heart.

Cost involved to treat CVDs

But to ensure having healthy heart, it is crucial to follow a healthy lifestyle. Besides this, it is equally important to secure yourself as well as your family from the huge expenses that is otherwise to be borne in case of unexpected CVDs. The truth is that even people leading a healthy lifestyle might contract a CVD. To get treatment from the best hospitals means, you have to shelve a lot of money. What if you have to spend all the money that you had saved for your retirement life or your daughter’s marriage or to buy a new house? There are many who might not even afford to go to the best hospital due to lack of finances.

Angioplasty will be necessary to unclog closed arteries, the expenses of which are likely to shoot over 3 to 5 lakh rupees. Similarly, open heart surgery expenditure will be around 5-8 lakh rupees. On the other hand, valve-related surgeries might cost about 4-7 lakh rupees. The amount also depends on the hospital and city chosen for treatment. But not everyone will be able to afford this amount easily.

Avail health insurance coverage

This is perhaps the best way to stay financially protected and ensure you and your family members can get proper and timely treatment if such unwanted health issues arise. A comprehensive and well-selected health insurance policy from a reputed provider will provide you with peace of mind and immense satisfaction. Availing the most appropriate health insurance coverage for yourself and your family might require paying some premium amount annually. But it is likely to provide adequate coverage depending on the policy amount you have taken. It can help you to get treatment for CVDs including other diseases. Do make sure to find out what is covered in the policy. Selecting Care Insurance for your health insurance will be a wise choice made as they are in the domain for quite a long time and completely reliable.