Why I believe this tool is one of the best video editing software

With so much video content being posted online everyday, video editing has become a lot more necessary as a skill. Thankfully, video editing software has evolved a lot over the last few years as well, making video creation more accessible than ever. In this article, I wanted to talk about Flixier, an online video editor that quickly became one of my favorite ways to create videos.

This video editing software runs entirely in your web browser, so you don’t have to download or install anything to your computer in order to use it. Flixier doesn’t require an account in order to try it out, but creating one lets you store your projects and media in the cloud, which is pretty handy if you’re not always home to do your editing: you can start a project at home, take a break and continue on your notebook while you’re on the go. If you use a phone to record your footage, you’ll be happy to know that Flixier is fully cloud integrated so you can bring videos and images over in seconds straight from Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive and other cloud storage services.

On top of all that, the fact that Flixier is browser based also allows it to run on pretty much anything. It’s compatible with all modern operating systems, from Windows and Mac to ChromeOS and Linux! It also runs smoothly on pretty much anything, since it uses its own cloud servers to process videos and perform other intensive tasks without relying on your hardware. This means that your videos should always be rendered in a few minutes, rather than the hours it can take to render long videos on lower-powered computers.

Speed and accessibility is not the only thing that makes Flixier the best video editing software, however. The thing that makes it stand out among the other online video editors on the market is the interface and the amount of control that users have over their content when they use Flixier.

The app is intuitive and accessible for beginners, without trying to reinvent the wheel or cutting out features for the sake of simplicity. This means that Flixier will be immediately familiar to anyone who has used a video editing software before, even if it was something as basic as the old Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

This browser video editor features a powerful timeline which gives you full control over your clip. This is how you control when your media comes up on screen and how long it stays there. It supports multiple tracks so you can mix different audio tracks together and overlay text, graphics and motion graphics on top of your video easily.

Speaking of text and motion graphics, the app also makes it easy to add these elements to your videos. There are libraries filled with professionally animated titles and motion graphics built into Flixier, so all you need to do in order to add them to your video is to click and drag them over. No animation knowledge is required! You can also customize everything about these animations, from the text, font and even the colors used, which makes it easy to integrate them into your video while following your brand identity guidelines.

Is Flixier the best free video editor?

Flixier works on a free-to-try model. You don’t need to pay anything in order to edit videos under 10 minutes and you don’t even need to register an account in order to try the app, which makes it a pretty good option for editing short videos quickly and easily. All of the core video editing tools are available to people for free, so you don’t really need to create an account unless you want to create long-form content regularly. Even free accounts offer some benefits, though, such as the ability to save your projects to the cloud and resume work on them at any time, or cloud integrations that allow you to import media faster and publish your videos straight to YouTube/TikTok once you’re done working on them.