Green tea, made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds, has been employed for medicinal benefits since the 7th century (when it originated). There are amazing health benefits of green tea– no doubt on this statement. From helping in weight loss to curing liver disorders to assisting in Type 2 diabetes, and so on, it serves many health purposes. Now, studies claim – green tea – rich in antioxidants and nutrients – also aids our skin.

So, let’s shed some light on the less-talked-about perk of green tea – overall beauty and skin health. Furthermore, we’ll also uncover simple steps for using green tea in your skin regime.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin:

  • Defend Against Skin Cancer

Green tea includes polyphenols and six different types of catechins with EGCG. All these elements possess anti-oxidant properties. They are molecules that typically assist in fighting free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals abet in damaging our bodies, health and skin when they get high. Moreover, they can severely impair our cells, provoking cancer. However, the EGCG in green tea stimulates DNA repair, fends against UV rays and dodges skin cancer.

  • Treats Acne

Acne makes a home on your face when the openings of hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. When you use green tea, the various properties present in it (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial) aids in treating acne and oily skin. The research says the polyphenols support in lessening the sebum secretion (which helps acne to form). Green tea, a powerful and cost-effective tool, controls the bacterial growth that treats acne.

  • Handles The Ageing Process

Premature ageing is a common phenomenon of present times. As green tea has an abundance of antioxidant EGCG, you can reactivate your drying or damaged skin cells. You’ll begin to observe the changes when you start drinking green tea 2-3 cups a day or apply it on your face topically. The fine lines and wrinkles will begin to disappear along with the ageing spots. That’s exactly the main reason several cosmetic manufacturers have started incorporating green tea into their products.

  • Kicks Off Dark Circles

Dark circles and puffiness are a lifetime concern. But that shouldn’t be the case anymore. If you’re struggling with swelling around your eyes or dark circles, then green tea is your right bet. Besides containing antioxidants properties, it holds tannin and caffeine. They diminish blood vessels under your eyes, curing puffy eyes and dark patches beneath your eyes. All in all, they allow you to stay youthful for as long as possible.

Steps For Using Green Tea:

  • Begin With Cleansing

Cleansing with green tea has several options. That will assist in reducing redness, tones your face and remove environmental dirt. Matcha cleansing balm (most ideal for getting rid of heavy makeup, sunscreen or impurities), green tea cloud foam cleanser (perfect for medium cleansing) and matcha oat face scrub (absolute for deep or double cleansing) are the most popular.

  • Toning

After cleansing, your face requires toning. Pick up a green tea toner that contains plumping and hyaluronic acid with antioxidants properties. It will plump, moisturize and brighten your complexion. This one step will diminish dark spots, rendering you a healthier glow.

  • Mask

Mask, a defense weapon, plays a key role in your skincare regime. Well, it’s significant to put on the green tea mask once a month. There are various green tea masks available on the market. All will result in rendering you a smoother and plumper face.

  • Moisturise

To finish your skincare regime, employ green tea moisturizer. It helps to defend against sun damage and toxins. Regardless of your skin type, it keeps your skin rejuvenated all day long.

Do You Need An Organic Tea?

While consuming a cup of tea, it’s essential to learn reasons to choose organic tea. The only difference between regular and organic tea is the way it’s grown. They’re better in taste, eco-friendly, good for farmers and much better for your health since it contains no pesticides and fertilizers. Not to mention, it also benefits your skin as mentioned above. Therefore, before sipping any green tea, ponder about this organic green tea, its benefits and how it will assist you in getting a better brewing experience.

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