Often, choosing where to get your SSL can be half the battle when it comes to securing your site. There are hundreds of SSL stores across the Web, all of which claim they’re the best choice. That’s not even to mention the varying price points. Should you choose one of the more expensive vendors, or will you get away with something more affordable like a Namecheap SSL or Certera SSL? This article will discuss why cheap is generally the way to go regarding SSL. Read on to find out why.

They all encrypt the same way

This is the main reason why you should choose a cheaper SSL. Why pay more when the more affordable option does the same thing anyway? And that’s no exaggeration. No matter what you’ve heard about certain stores’ SSL certificates having better encryption than others, it’s all advertising speak. All modern SSL certificates have the same potential 256-bit encryption. We say potential, because it also depends on whether your server can support that level of encryption. Sometimes you might have to play around with your server settings to ensure you’re getting the most out of your SSL’s encryption. But that’s nothing to do with the SSL itself. 

So, how should you choose where to buy your SSL if the price does not dictate quality?

Tips for picking a quality SSL store

Well, first of all, reading user reviews should always be the first thing you do before buying anything, whether online or off. Specifically, read reviews on reputable third-party sites where the store cannot control what people say about it. 

Another important factor is the store’s partner Certificate Authority (CA). CAs are in charge of issuing, revoking, and managing SSLs. For a CA to be reputable, it needs to be trusted by major web browsers. If it’s not, then your site’s SSL might not work. When users try to visit your site, they’ll likely get a message stating your site is potentially not secure and that they should turn back. Avoid this by researching the reputation of a CA before committing to an SSL.

Lastly, choose a store that puts customer guidance first. Things like SSL activation and installation can be confusing, especially to first-time users, so a store with plenty of how-to articles and a responsive customer service team is critical.  


When it comes to website investments, SSL certificates are an area in which you can afford to go cheap. By doing so, you can save your budget for things you should spend more on.