Why Do You Need A Dog in Your Life?

A dog is man’s best friend in sickness and health – this is how they have been hailed for years. One of the most controversial topics is how dogs are of any benefit in our lives. 

Scientists have studied and looked into how dogs are most likely to improve life, especially when you have one as your pet, so shouldn’t you care for them with the best pet grooming products from a supplier like Ryan’s pet supplies?

Having a dog to most pet owners is like having a friend that gives you the company you need when you live alone. That is why you will need this girl dog names list to give your dog that name that brings out her personality. Here are more reasons you need to consider having a dog when choosing to own a pet at home. Visit more puppy store near me.

1. A dog will keep your family protected 

There are dog breeds like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois etc. that have strong protective instincts, making them the greatest guardians of your family. From a friendly warning bark to a more assertive protective stance, they can be a great family member.

You are not likely to feel unsecure any time soon when you have a family protection dog. Their presence alone offers a sense of safety and peace in your home.

2. Dogs make you feel good 

You don’t need to walk an extra mile to get the high feeling of having your dog by your side. A dog will make you feel like you have a friend you can always count on.  If you are looking for new dog, Foufou Puppies can help.

When you share your life and home with your canine friend, you will always feel like you’re living life to the fullest. A dog will greet you with some enthusiasm which makes you feel good due to the effect of oxytocin.

3. Improve social interaction   

If you have a dog at home, you will not cage it all its life. You have to give the dog some playtime and time to socialize with other pups in your neighborhood. When you walk around with your dog, you get that time to interact with others. Even a simple walk with your dog in the neighborhood will bring new friends around you, and you begin to socialize.

4. A reflection of your personality

A dog is a true reflection of your personality. When you have a dog, everything it does right from feeding to how it kisses you reflects your character. 

A recent study in England showed a significant correlation between people’s personalities and the type of dog they own. For instance, those who owned toy dogs were seen as less intelligent, while those who held bulldogs and Dalmatians were conscientious.


There is more that dogs bring to your life. They give you the company, show you love, and help increase your social interactions and outdoor activity. Owning a pet dog is one of the right moves you can make if you want to live longer and enjoy life with a canine friend by your side.