Why Do People Enjoy Scary Films? 

There is something undeniably fun about a good horror film. Whether it’s the anticipation of a scare, the scare itself, or the sense of unease when it’s done, people really do seem to enjoy them. What is it that makes them so much fun and ensures they have fans all around the world? Read on for some ideas.


There are some movies that are very much based on and grounded in real life. They talk about realistic situations and depict things that the audience might even have gone through themselves. These can be great movies, but they don’t offer a real sense of escapism, and that’s something that a scary film can do. 

Even if you’re scared when watching a horror about ghosts or demons, for example, you’ll still know that what’s happening to the people in the film isn’t something that will happen in real life. Thanks to all the special FX products and jump scares, what you’re watching might seem very real at the time, but it’s not an issue you’re really going to have to face. This makes it pure escapism, and you can forget about your troubles and concerns in life as you enjoy some thrilling horror on screen.

The Adrenaline Rush

The human body is designed to respond to any threats it might have to face with a fight or flight reaction. This is entirely natural and something that, for the most part, people don’t have much (if any) control over. When people watch a horror movie, it taps into the response and triggers a surge of adrenaline that runs through the body and essentially heightens the senses. 

When this happens, people will be on high alert, watching the screen intently for the next scare or threat. Everything will seem a lot more real, and then, when the threat has passed and the movie is over, they’ll feel energized for a long time, enjoying the feeling because there was no real danger to worry about. 

The Bonding Experience 

Scary films have the amazing ability to bring people together. Whether it’s a group of friends going to the cinema together or a family watching something huddled on the sofa at home, the shared experience of being scared creates a fantastic sense of bonding. They will feel safe with other people and find comfort in knowing they are not the only ones feeling scared. 

After the movie, this bonding can continue. You’ll have created some fun memories, and you might want to discuss the storyline, acting, effects, and scares, for example. You might come up with some inside jokes that you can enjoy for a long time to come. Perhaps you’ll want to take things further and go to a convention or do some more research together to find out more about how the movie was made. Any kind of shared experience is good, and scary movies can make that happen. 

Satisfaction Of Conquering Fear 

Everyone is afraid of something, and it’s not often that people get the chance to conquer their fears and feel great because they have. However, when they do, it instills them with more self-confidence, helping them to face up to other challenges in life. 

Horror films can help with this. Because you know the films aren’t real, you can use them to help you conquer fears without any danger and then enjoy the satisfaction this brings.