Why do dry eyes occur?

Dry eyes occur when your eyes make very little tears, or the tears you do have to evaporate at a much faster pace than usual. This can occur in both human beings as well as animals.

It is more often found in women as opposed to men and can occur at any age, especially as you grow older. If you feel you are experiencing dry eyes and would like to know what may have caused it, then you have come to the right place!

Here are a few causes of why dry eyes occur:


As you grow older, the chances of having dry eyes can become increasingly high. This is particularly true for individuals above the age of 50 since the production of tears reduces over time.

Lack of water

At times dry eyes can be triggered due to lack of water or other fluids. If your body lacks water, the most critical part of the tear film, which primarily encompasses water, becomes less.

Hence this might cause agitation in your eyes. Drinking more water and other fluids such as Gatorade and coconut water help fight against dehydration and thus avoid or ease dry eyes.


If you smoke yourself or are in an environment that exposes you to passive smoking, then it may be the reason you are experiencing dry eyes. Hence it is vital to slowly quit so that it does not become a reason for your dry eyes.


Being allergic to something may cause dry eyes to occur. This includes itchiness or redness of the eyes.

Cold weather

Being in cold and highly windy areas can result in your tears being dried up much faster than usual. This can eventually lead to dry eyes. In order to prevent this from occurring, you can wear sunglasses to protect them.

You can also use specific eye drops that may be helpful, but it would be better to consult a medical professional first.

Using electronics

Using electronics such as laptops, computers cause pressure on your eyes and can also result in headaches. This also negatively impacts not only your vision but also the tears your eyes are producing.

When staring at a computer screen, we do not blink as much as we usually do when going about our day. Hence this results in your tears being dried up more quickly as opposed to at an average pace.

If you need to use laptop and computer screens often due to perhaps schoolwork or work in general, it is essential to remember to blink frequently.

Moreover, it is also vital to take breaks so that your eyes get some amount of rest and are not constantly in one fixated position.

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