Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin And Obito Uchiha?

Why did Kakashi kill Rin? When the mysterious and handsome young man with the Sharingan failed to save her village. Why did he do this? The real question is why did he not stop Rin from becoming the Hokage of the village. The answer to that is that, for whatever reason, he felt that he could not bring peace to his village.

When the village was attacked by the evil beast known as “Chi”. Rin was badly injured when the creature consumed her own father. When she attempted to save her village, kakashi kill her. This act motivated him to become a shinobi, in order to protect his people.

A shinobi is someone who has been assigned to kill an “undead”. Usually, the word” Kon” (meaning corpse) is written on the back of the person’s forehead. This is why: The word “Kon” can mean either of two things. One, it can mean a dead body or it can be used to describe a Ninja. The term “Kon” is most commonly used when referring to the profession of a ninja.

The story of Death Note begins when a boy named Lee enters a bar. There he meets a beautiful girl who is also a former executioner and considered the strongest fighter in the town. While drinking, she asks him if he can perform a death wish. With the power of his mind he decides to get obito form the L.A.P.D.. Before leaving the bar he tells the girl that he will kill her unless she lets him take control of the L.A.P.D..

Two weeks later the village people discover that a young orphan called Rin had been buried alive. They think that she was killed by one of the village boys but when they find her body they quickly conclude that she had been killed by a shinobi called Mist shinobi. The doctors tell the village people that Rin was not actually killed in the incident and that she had in fact escaped from their village using a fake Notebook.

Two weeks after the village people find Rin’s body and realize that she had indeed escaped using a fake Notebook. As they continue to look for Rin they come across an injured shinobi called Danzo. They believe that he may have been the one who killed Rin and want to arrest him. When they question him, he tells them that he does not know what the meaning of the words on the Notebook are and hesitates to arrest her as he has seen her escape from his village many times.

A month later, a shinobi called Kurenai appears in the village telling them that there is a missing shinobi in the village. He also tells them that the village has a jinchu-zumo. The three head to the docks to look for the missing shinobi. When they arrive they find that the boy has been stolen from by a blond-haired boy named Naruto. After the team finds out that they were actually looking for the missing shinobi and not Naruto they head back to Konoha.

As the team prepares to head to the meeting with Madara, they notice that something has happened to Madara. He leaves the area while speaking with an unknown accomplice. When they go to investigate, they find that the blond-haired boy that ran off with Rin was actually Obito Uchiha. After some time, they return to Madara’s place to find that he had transformed into a monster and eaten Madara’s younger sister, Chiyo. After the team finds out who killed Rin, they are given orders from Madara that they kill Obito immediately or else.

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