Why Custom Cabling is the Way to go For Industries

When it comes to cabling, different industries require different types of cables for their different uses. This makes it critical for cables to come in the custom form to meet the intended needs. Therefore, it is essential for any client looking for custom cabling services to seek the best cabling in the market, such as Carrio Cabling. Such companies have the expertise, experience, and machinery to walk the cable concept of the client from the design stage to the shipping phase. Several processes must be followed to ensure quality cables are produced. These processes are explained below.


Every custom cable, connector, assembly, or other cable interconnection starts as an idea. The idea is discussed in detail, and a sketch is arrived at. The sketch is further examined to ensure all critical aspects have been included.


Engineers handle the design phase. Based on the overall idea and the sketch, the engineering team comes up with a detailed technical design. The design also considers the lead to be handled and the task to be done by the custom cable. This will ensure that the cable handles its intended work without failing.

Prototype Development

Before the design is finalized, it is important to develop a prototype for testing. Prototypes also make it possible for the designers to be sure they will be sending the right product into the market or to the client.

Mold Tooling

Molding experts handle mold tooling to ensure high quality is achieved during the custom cabling. The vertical integration strength is coupled with quality controls to shorten the lead times and enhance the overall quality of the cable.

Cable Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is done by unique machines operated by well-trained and experienced personnel and supervised by engineering designers. The final product is manufactured to meet all the specifications designed by the engineers.

Quality Testing

After the custom cable is manufactured, it is critical to take the product through a series of tests to ascertain its quality. Product integrity is crucial to any company’s brand; therefore, proving it to the client is beneficial.


Once the cables and other associated products are manufactured and tested, the final process involves shipping them to the market or direct client. Shipping is also a critical process since there are possibilities that the product may get damaged through the transportation process. Therefore, companies should ensure they have a sophisticated system of transportation that will ensure the final product reaches the client while a hundred percent is intact.

Custom cabling remains a critical process that requires uttermost expertise and experience on top of proper qualification. Companies are also certified by Registered US Government Contractor, Certified Commercial and Government Entity – Cage Code 1JVJ0, and should also be UL, IPC, and ISO 9001:2015 certified. The key to winning the hearts of many clients when it comes to custom cabling is quality cable production. There is no shortcut; the product has the final say once the client receives it.