Why choose Soundcore LED speakers?

Speakers bring life to your favorite music, adding extra excitement to your listening experience. With the progression in the tech world, speakers are coming up with some cool features. We can take the example of LED speakers that are in high demand these days. The rationale is the installment of RGB lights in them. These lights shine according to the rhythm of the music. 


Considering these perks, this article highlights the foremost reasons that make Souncore LED speakers worth buying.

  1. All-round sound:

Before choosing any LED speaker, you should ensure that the sound covers every corner of the space. Soundcore LED speakers can generate surround sound that spreads to every corner. Two drivers are arranged back-to-back with passive bass radiators, delivering an intense 360° sound. It ensures that everybody in the room gets a stage-side experience and vibe in the music.

  1. Li-ion battery:

Before buying any speaker, people are mainly concerned about the battery timing of the speaker. Soundcore provides LED speakers, which are built with high-efficiency Li-ion batteries. These batteries are light-in-weight and offer you to go more than ever-around 12 hours on just one charge. Fast charging facility with USB-C type makes the experience more convenient and incredible for a long time. 

  1. Water protection:

A good LED speaker should withstand splashes and spills to survive different scenarios. Soundcore LED speaker comes with IP67 water protection technology and offers a cutting-edge, durable solution that can survive even when submerged in water. It allows you to do outdoor parties like pool and beach parties without inconvenience. 

  1. Portability:

Portability has now become a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing any speaker. People want speakers that they can carry easily anywhere they want. Soundcore offers great LED speakers, which are small enough to be easily carried with you, making them more comfortable for home applications and outdoor activities. Not only are they small, but they are very light weighted. 

  1. Bluetooth’s connectivity:

Bluetooth’s compatibility has become necessary because of the wide Bluetooth utilization in all products. Advanced 5.0 Bluetooth ensures stability, reducing the chances of losing connection. It allows you to stream music wirelessly. Soundcore provides a special feature in their speakers of connecting the Soundcore LED speakers with multiple devices simultaneously. Go stereo for an expansive listening experience that takes you all center-stage. 

  1. Bass:

The bass plays an essential role in the value of a speaker. Soundcore provides LED speakers, which have bass technology. A digital signal processor first analyzes, then enhances your music’s bass frequencies in real-time. State-of-the-art neodymium drivers turned the audio signal into intensified sound. It allows your audio experience to become more captivating. 

  1. Sound and light in harmony:

Another advanced feature of the speaker is that the LED lights shine with the rhythm of the music. Soundcore offers LED speakers having the halo LEDs phase that shines and pulse with the rhythm of your music for a completely immersive audiovisual experience from a portable speaker. Speakers have five customizable EQ modes that tailor the atmosphere to suit your mood. 

  1. Universal compatibility:

Premium speakers provide you with a connection with any device. Mostly, people are confused over the connectivity between iOS and Android. But there is no need to worry about it because Soundcore has come up with universal compatible speakers which allow you to work with any Bluetooth device, including iPhones, iPad, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, computers, Chromebooks, TVs, and PCs. 


Soundcore is one of the best brands which provide LED speakers. Hopefully, this article will help you to remove your confusion about choosing speakers from Soundcore LED speakers.