Why Brand Marketing is the best SEO Trick you have?

Today, few digital marketing terms see as much popularity or attention as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). affordable seo london Digital marketing comprises of many aspects such as public relations, press work, link building, citations and many more. 

However, while many marketers embrace its SEO today, it seems that few discuss how brand marketing factors into it.Your business brand name is the best SEO trick you’ve got, and we’ll explore how to approach that most effectively.

Why is brand marketing important for SEO?

SEO is typically divided into 3 main subsets:

  • On-page SEO; on-page elements like images
  • Off-page SEO; off-page activities like backlinks and PR
  • Technical SEO; website health factors like sitemaps

Finally, there are other subsets that address individual needs or platforms. For example, local SEO caters to local audiences through Google My Business (GMB), while Instagram SEO optimizes Instagram content specifically.

SEO is indeed a deep and complex subject you absolutely can’t afford to overlook, because organic search traffic makes all the difference to a websites and brand’s success online. If your brand cannot be found in the top results which get 33% of all clicks, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. As 81% of B2B purchases begin with a web search, working on your SEO should be one of your main priorities. 

If your business is new or not established yet, you will need to create brand awareness so that internet users that search for relevant search terms find your brand and at some point, even search for your brand itself. Because achieving anything less than ranking on the first page means massive lost traffic. 

Your brand name matters

But, even having highlighted the above, why is your brand name the best SEO trick you’ve got?

Your brand name overlaps with 3 main subjects:

  1. Keywords: If your brand name contains relevant keywords to the nature of your business, e.g., brand name “SeekaHost” and related keywords are “web hosting”, “web host” etc., then you should begin to publish articles about your company that contain these keywords with relevant hyperlinks to your business website. This will help you rank for those keywords and for your brand name. Search for business news uk publications, if you’re based in the UK or London and get a featured article or interview published about your brand for effective off-page SEO strategies. 
  2. Search intent. Another crucial factor for ranking is matching search intent. That’s what your brand name can help ensure as with PR, press releases and featured articles published with your brand name and business website links for keywords you want to rank for, search engine users will find your brand more easily. 
  3. Branded searches. Moreover, your brand name will factor into how many branded searches you will get. Many established companies rank for branded terms, which make up most of their keyword profile. Branded search terms contain your brand name, e.g., “seekahost web hosting” and if you get your business listed in UK business directories with your brand name, your website link, and other supporting materials such as your logo, your company description, message and special features and offer, this will significantly boost your website’s SEO.

Finally, your brand name is your online identity, and this is mainly communicated via your business website and online presence. It’s the first contact visitors will have with your brand. Hence, whybrand marketing with backlinks in your off-page SEO strategyare hugely significant for your overall digital marketing. Marketing your brand will benefit your SEO directly and indirectly, elevating it to the next level.

Create the perfect brand name for your domain and marketing

Now, if you have already established your brand name, then you should try to find a domain name that includes your brand name ideally. This will help internet users connect your brand name with your business website. It will also help significantly with your SEO and marketing efforts as explained above. 

If you don’t have a brand name yet, you can try the following steps to establish the perfect one to use for your business and your website. 

#1 Check out business name generators

You may start with a business name generator to get some inspiration for your brand name. 

Consider business name generators from such prominent providers such as:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WPbeginner

Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Choose a word you like your brand name to include and submit it. 
  2. Go through the suggestions to see what is still available also for your domain. 
  3. Search for your favourite generated brand names on Google; the fewer similar results you find, the better.

#2 Choose a brief and readable brand name

Keeping your brand name brief and catchy will make it more memorable, easier to search, and more readable. 

There are 3 main factors to consider:

  1. Words: Single-word names are the best solution, just look at big brands like “Amazon”, “Audi”, “Google”. You can make up a word in various ways like based on initials that make a word for example. 
  2. Syllables. Fewer syllables of up to two to three syllables per word are recommended. 
  3. Characters.Characters are the final important factor, and you should aim for 6-14 characters.

#3 Create a unique brand name 

To become a memorable brand, consider more ways to diversify your brand name and make it unique. While the options here are only limited by your creativity, consider the following starting points:

  • Make up new words: While risky, new words that phonetically resemble existing ones can be very catchy and memorable. Examples are “Microsoft”. 
  • Use existing but rarely used words:Should they meet your criteria; you may use words that aren’t typically used anymore. A great example of this would be Bing.
  • Modify existing words or phrases:You can put a unique spin on existing words or phrases. Consider “Canva” or “MailChimp”. 

#4 Check it for SEO

You should now have narrowed down your best brand names. Check it again, butthis time for SEO. You can use various SEO tools for this, or you can simply enter your selected brand ideas into the Google or Bing search and see what comes up. If it’s a completely new word, you probably won’t find many related searches and search terms yet, so this would require more SEO work to become a household name. 

Ubersuggest is a free tool that will provide you with “search volume” and “SEO difficulty” metrics. Ideally, your brand name should have a high search volume and low SEO or keyword difficulty. 

If you require more support with your SEO strategy you can either consult an SEO consultancy such as ClickDo Ltd. or head to the SeekaHost University to learn SEO for free. 

To find your ideal domain name, head to seekahost.app and enter your brand name to see which domains are available. For commercial purposes it is recommended to use a .com domain, which you can currently find for only $5.99 per year here. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a brand name is by no means an easy process and only the beginning.Most importantly it needs to target terms with decent search volumes and little competition to get the best SEO and digital marketing results. Your brand marketing is the best SEO trick you’ve got, from targeting relevant keywords and to facilitating branded searches with PR for increased brand awareness. Hopefully the outlined tips will help you through this process toward a memorable, brandable business name that drives SEO and marketing success.