Why athletes should use a game-ready ice machine AFTER a match or intense session!

If you are an elite athlete, you know that using cold therapy and compression units post-surgery, post-competition, after intense training sessions, or tough gym workouts, is absolutely crucial to recovery. By helping to reduce swelling, lessen inflammation, reduce muscle aches, lessen joint pain, and improve range motion, a cold therapy unit is an absolute must in every athlete’s arsenal.

If you only rely on massage, pain killers, and foam rolling post-workout or post-training, think again! Using cold therapy compression units is the best way to help reduce swelling and inflammation so you can rest assured you will be ready to go for the next session in no time. Especially for athletes who train every day – and sometimes training twice a day – using compression and cold therapy units is key to getting back out on the field.

Use a game-ready ice machine after an intense workout or tough match!

A game-ready ice machine is one of the best ways athletes can recover post-match or after an intense training session. Since your muscles can become very sore after an intense gym session, especially if you’re using the same muscle groups over and over, you need to come up with a way to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness and reduce inflammation. The best way to do that is a combination of icing and compression to help aid in muscle recovery!

Cold therapy units and ice after intense sessions are some of the best ways to decrease pain, reduce swelling, and help with aching muscles. Using ice packs and cold gels has been commonplace in recovery methods for many years now – and for good reason! Along with using ice to help with acute injuries, like strains, sprains, and breaks, ice can also be used to help facilitate recovery immediately post-competition.

Along with icing and cold therapy, compression is one of the latest methods to help your muscles recover quicker. Compression can be used to prevent swelling and help muscles mimic their natural movements. By using a combinator of cold therapy and compression, game-ready ice machines help athletes recover in no time! 

But what is a game-ready ice machine?

A game ready ice machine from Source Fitness is a therapy modality that helps with injury, post-surgery, and post-training recovery. By using a mixture of cold, heat, contrasting temperatures, and compression, the game ready ice machine helps deliver athletes with the required therapy to help them in stages of rehabilitation, post-competition swelling, reduce pain, and increase the effectiveness of recovery processes during post-surgery healing. 


Using the game ready ice machine is an effective way for athletes to recover after an intense gym session, tough competition, or long-lasting training session that can cause delayed onset muscle soreness and a reduced range of motion. The game ready ice machine combines compression and cold therapy to effectively reduce pain, muscle soreness, and joint aches that can occur from repetitive motions and post-competition soreness. By combining these two time-tested modalities, athletes can recover faster for the next session!