Why Are People So Drawn to the Ocean?

When you look out at the ocean, it is hard not to feel something. The waves crashing against the shore and the salty smell of sea water fill us with a sense of peace and wonder. People have been drawn to this natural beauty for centuries. But what are some reasons why people are so drawn to the ocean? 

Before you go searching for an ocean view motel where you can spend a week of vacation with your family or friends, check out the reasons why humans have been captivated by the waters since time immemorial.

The ocean is beautiful

Yes, that simple. From its clear blue colour and brilliant white sand beaches to its vast depths filled with creatures you can’t even imagine, it is practically impossible not to be captivated by nature when looking out at the ocean. 


Many different types of fish live near coasts or on reefs, making them extremely accessible for fishing. Some estimates put marine fisheries as providing about half our animal protein intake worldwide. While this explanation seems to fit into the category of “sustenance,” it is actually quite different from other types of food sources. 

Unlike plants or animals that live on land and can be domesticated to a certain degree, fish require humans not only to catch them but also protect their natural habitat so they have somewhere to breed and replenish themselves.  

Source of income

Oceans provide a source of income for many coastal communities around the world. In this era where global trade rules our economy more than ever, those who control ports with access to oceans have a huge sway over how money flows in and out of countries—as goods arrive at docks or leave by ship hundreds or thousands of miles away. 

While in some cases, this power is used for economic gain; in many other instances it can be a source of conflict between communities. Still, even when they aren’t using oceans to sway global trade agreements, ports are important for fueling local economies as well because boats need fuel and food supplies that support workers. 

The ocean makes us feel good

Another reason people might be drawn to the ocean is because of how it makes them feel. Many studies have been conducted on this topic, and one of the most commonly cited reasons is that swimming in salt water can improve your mental health.

Ocean air has also been shown to be beneficial to our respiratory systems and just being around the ocean seems to have a calming effect on us. Whether it’s from the physical activity of swimming or simply taking in the view, being by the ocean often has a positive impact on our well-being.

Opportunities for recreation

People love to swim, surf, sunbathe and play in the sand. In some cases like in Hawaii, these activities are even a part of the local culture. Coastal communities also often have docks where people can go fishing or boating, providing another opportunity for recreation that is unique to areas near oceans. Many people like to fish, and if that someone is getting married, booking a place and choosing a perfect fishing groomsmen gifts is a way to go.

Climate regulation

Oceans also play an important role in regulating our climate. The water cycle is one of the most important processes on Earth for distributing water vapour around our planet and helping it cool down. 

A great portion of the evaporated water from land ultimately falls back onto coasts as precipitation, meaning that without oceans acting as a giant sponge, we would get far more droughts and far worse floods. The ocean also absorbs a great deal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce global warming.

The ocean is a place of mystery and intrigue. It’s also the perfect setting for our imagination to go wild about what might be happening under all that water, far from human eyes. Are you a lover of the ocean?