Over 65% of marketers have to face the biggest challenge is generating leads, the good leads that convert. And one of the best, well-approved, battle-tested, and affordable lead generation strategies of 2022 is monthly email newsletters. 

So, what exactly is this magic tool helping small to big business houses with attractive success statistics?

An email newsletter is a good old marketing strategy, with the following records, that made this campaigning technique marketers’ favourite for lead generation:

  • Every day, 206 billion emails are sent, which is predicted to rise by 2022.
  • Email generates an average yield of $38 for each dollar spent.
  • Email marketing is used by 80% of professionals to increase client engagement and retention.
  • Newsletters are used by 80% of the business – to – Business content marketers.
  • From 2020, 3 billion individuals will be using email.

Today’s blog will talk about the 4 crucial newsletters that make corporates count on them for generating more leads. Take any successful campaign newsletter examples, and it will indeed back our claims!

4 Reasons Why Newsletters Are an Indispensable Part of Your Lead Generation Strategy in 2022:

Following the epidemic, many organizations assess which channels to halt or abandon entirely in the new year, favouring more revenue-focused efforts. 

If you’re doing the same thing, you could look at your newsletter and say, “We’ve been sending this stuff out every month, and I can’t trace any sales. Needn’t we be focusing our efforts on activities that generate revenue?”

While it may not appear to be a revenue generator on paper, if you can create a superb newsletter, it should be part of your marketing mix – even if you’re operating pretty lean in the new season.

Let’s look at prime reasons to continue creating a corporate newsletter for lead generation.

Popularity & Accessibility:

While email isn’t a new platform, the research shows that it’s still very prominent.

So here are some datasets to think about:

  • As per Statista, there still are 3.9 billion email users worldwide daily. By 2023, this figure is predicted to rise to 4.3 billion.
  • Over the past year, 78 percent of marketers have witnessed an improvement in email interaction.
  • Email converts 4 per cent better than social media.
  • Newsletters are the most imperative element in the content marketing strategy of 40% of B2B businesses.
  • Daily newsletters are the most nuanced approach to nurture prospects, according to 31% of B2B companies.

A Terrific Strategy for Sales Boost: Newsletters!

Most companies, post-pandemic, are unable to host clients at the office or open their offline stores. In such a disturbing period, going crazily creative with content marketing is the only way to steal and hold attention and generate more warm leads. 

If someone is on the fence contemplating purchasing a product, they are most likely giving their email address to remain in touch with your brand. These consumers are in the buyers’ journey’s evaluation stage — they’re putting together alternatives that could be perfect for them, and your curated email can assist take them to the selection stage and persuade them to click “Buy.”

Make sure the letter comes with the following tactics:

  • An attractive and easily actionable Call To Action (CTA) button. 
  • Special, lucrative coupons and rebates exclusively for the newsletter readers.
  • Allowing unique early sales discount facilities to the mail list. 
  • A user manual of how your commodity can change lives.
  • Customer experience and real testimonials. 

Something as small as an early access discount can often convert these leads on the mail list into revenue-generating customers. 

Dramatic Progress of Newsletter Technology

Newsletter campaigning has popularized so much in the last decade that there are numerous tools to make the creation simple for entrepreneurs today. These valuable tools are available online, even for free, updated every day, to make creations inspiring and attention-grabbing.

There are readily available templates that can be easily tweaked into any brand’s professional letter. Sites like Adobe and Canva are easy to operate and help in curating wonderful designs in no time. Another engagement strategy being used by most marketers these days is rollover images, surveys, and radio buttons. Automated CRM tools help manage the letters created in a batch and help in timely delivery. 

Newsletters Have the Opportunity to Be Far More Personalized

Newsletters are not just generic statements and information anymore – at least, not the effective ones.

Personalization is essential in effective newsletters because consumers want to be treated as individuals, not just as an extra acquaintance.

You may get more particular about your email content by segmenting your readers into lists. Personalization becomes easy if you know who you’re writing to and what you want from them.

End Note:

If sent out timely to a rightly segmented email list, a well-curated newsletter can bring an unimaginable ROI to your business. Boosting sales with a successful newsletter campaigning is the call of 2022, too good to miss.