Why Are Airpods Topping The List Of Most-Loved Gadgets For Travel

Traveling alone is fun but sometimes you need to carry a few accessories with you to keep yourself entertained. To modify a playlist for a trip or even just day to day chilling is not easy for some people and most people don’t have much time for it and even if you do modify one for yourself, there’s a high chance you don’t want to listen to the song that’s playing on your AirPods. 

Features That Make Them Handy

AirPods have a few features among which the most loved one is the use of the force sensor. The force sensor allows you to Skip Songs on Airpods and control the audio, the way to do it is that when you first get AirPods, you sync them to your mobile phone or any other device you’re using, then you play music on any audio app. 

Pause The Music

To pause the music, you simply only need to take off your AirPods and to play the audio again is just as easy by wearing one or both AirPods as the music automatically resumes. 

Provides A Solution To Auto-Playback 

There may be people who don’t like the auto-playback feature which is completely alright because there’s a solution for that too! Go to the Bluetooth settings and turn off Automatic Ear Detection. You can also press the force sensor on the AirPods stem. 

Skip The Song In With A Tap!

There are times when a song suddenly plays from your playlist that you don’t like, so to skip that, you can simply double-press the force sensor on your AirPods. If you double press on music, it will skip the song and jump onto another one but if you’re listening to a podcast for instance, double pressing on the force sensor of your AirPods will skip to the previous episode. 

If you wish to listen to the previous song, just simply triple-press on the force sensor of your AirPods. This is relevant for AirPods 1st generation, 2nd generation, AirPods Pro, and AirPods 3rd generation. 

Truth be told, the force sensor on AirPods has made playing and pausing as well as skipping tracks easier than they used to be. In the default settings, you can tap your force sensor to play it and pause the audio. If you want to skip a song just double-press on the force sensor and you’re on your next song. Triple-press on the force sensor to skip to the previous song. 

Quick And Easy For Music Lovers

Having a pair of AirPods as part of your essentials wherever you’re going has become a necessity considering the lifestyle of each these days. Not only has AirPods made listening to songs easier along with manageable handling, but the quality of the audio has also always become much better and more advanced! 

You can do anything and be anywhere while wearing your AirPods and they won’t even easily fall out of your ear! Earphones were much more difficult to handle especially when you’re working out or doing anything other than physical activity, but AirPods have solved that problem with the most advanced sensor technology. 

You wouldn’t know the advantages and the feeling of the experience while using it so it’s best to buy a pair as soon as possible and see the noticeable difference yourself! AirPods never disappoint! AirPods have a much faster and more stable connection to your devices and it connects phone calls faster as well! 

It has a user-friendly interface and is very smooth. The comfort level like mentioned before is top-notch along with the extended battery which allows you to listen to songs for longer but not least it has a very sleek design and feeble build.